Monday, November 17, 2008


Based on my observation since the beginning of this year, I find that the politicians in our country are suffering from a major credibility problem. The perception of the general public appears to be negative. They simply do not trust the politicians.

The mental quality of the politicians, their integrity and their dedication to their responsibilities have also been bought into question. On the point of mental quality, the following points are often sited:-

1) quality of answers given to the press;
2) the content of their press statements or their speeches. In this age, many feel insulted by politicians who keep dishing out puerile, unwanted advice. The public see this giving of puerile advice as a cover-up for the inability to deliver or a reflection of their lack of intellectual maturity;
3) the issues that are often raised by some for political purposes are seen as out-dated and offensive because the hidden agenda is transparent.

On the point of integrity, the following points are often pointed out:-

1) the fact that some politicians have become millionaires while in service have given rise to the perception that they are corrupt. Hence the conclusion that politicians are thieves and without integrity.
2) The perceived lack of or refusal to be accountable to the voters and the public;
3) The perceived occurrence of the rampancy of government contracts being awarded to relatives of the politicians while the general Rakyat find difficulty even to obtain a business licence;
4) The perceived and sometimes proven over-inflated budget of government projects – people wonder if this is due to major incompetence or corruption.
5) The unfulfilled promises;
6) The irresponsible act of often playing the racial or the religious card;

I have also heard people speak of being tired to being treated to what is supposed to be fiery speeches. They liken this to “shouting” or “jual ubat di Chow Kit” or “kelas debat sekolah”. I have also heard of people complaining that they are tired of the speaker trying to portray how “Islamic” he is by bombarding the audience with a long barrage of Arabic sentences before and during the speech. They see this as childish pranks which insults the audiences’ intelligence.

Clearly, this credibility issue is across the board – covering PKR, UMNO, PAS, DAP, MCA, MIC, etc.

What is your view?


jon pour do care said...

Kalau kita kata yang ini, mesti ada orang yang akan marah. Tapi kita katakan juga.
Dulu (tidak lah dulu sangat !), kita ada seorang pemimpin yang bijak lagi cerdik dan pandai. Dia saja yang akan bercakap. Sekarang ini pulak, kita ada seorang pemimpin yang tersangat lah baik dan dia biar orang2 yang lain bercakap. Jadi, bila dah ramai yang hendak bercakap dan tak tahu nak cakap pun nak cakap juga !
Jadi kesudahan nya, jadi 'caca marba' (eh! Dalca Marba kot ! eh! ni kena tanya orang penang ni !)

Bulans said...
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