Monday, November 24, 2008


I had a very interesting dinner at the Le Meridian Hotel. The food was nice, the ambiance relaxing and the company was excellent. I was invited because one of the person reads this blog and liked the idea of "Rapera". The topic was: the production of real Malaysian movies.

I was in the company of two very wealthy persons (producers), a film making experts, a young clever man specializing in mass communication and a script writer. They all had a mission and I could really feel the mission oozing out the whole dinner. They are planning to make "Malaysian movies" covering issues like the Indian who came to Malaysia and made it his home, the Chinese who came to Malaysia and made it his home, the real co-existence between the different races as it is..complete with betrayal from persons of one's own ethnic origin. There is even one planned to cover the indigenous people of East Malaysia. The objective is to show the reality of living together in this multi-cultural Malaysia.

I understand that 2 scripts have already been written and the first film is likely to see the theaters in May next year. I was briefed on the story of the film and I found it amazingly touching. I think it will be a hit even though their objective seems to be nation building rather than profit.

I simply love people with money, power and talent who use it for the betterment of humankind. And I thank God that the private sector is taking up nation building seriously. This shows that people are having less trust in politicians to do the job. More and more Raperas are coming forth.

May God make such people more wealthy, powerful and talented.

Can't wait for May 2009.


Jin Pakai Tuncit said...

this is great news!

i hope and pray that they will succeed in their mission.

Bulans said...
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Jahamy said...


Thanks for the offer. Will communicate to them.