Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How To Lose Elections 101

In one of Syed Akbar Ali’s articles in outsyed the box, he mentioned the above phrase. I think that is a good topic to think about!

1. Let the civil servants play havoc with the voter’s lives
2. Let the civil servants continue to behave high and mighty
3. Let the corruption in the civil service continue and upset the voters
4. Let it continue to be difficult to obtain basic business licenses, etc
5. Continue with the charade of being kissed on the hand,
6. Stoke up racial and religious issues
7. Make childish and silly press statements;
8. Continue making “fiery” speeches that are nothing more than entertaining;
9. Continue with the poor behaviour in Parliament – voters can youtube it!
10. Dont come up with good policies;
11. Continue with the laws which voters consider oppressive;
12. Let elected leaders behave like hereditary kings;
13. Continue not helping the low income group while the elitists are taking away all the nation’s wealth in the name of big projects
14. Continue making it difficult for the voters to meet their elected parliamentarians or assemblymen
15. Keep charging “tool gate” fees to meet elected leaders;


jon pour do care said...

OK, you can add in these:-
1.Insult the rakyat's intelligence.2.Insult some more the rakyat's intelligence.
3.Insult many more the rakyat's intelligence.
4.Insult plenty more the rakyat's intelligence.
5.Insult plenty more the rakyat's intelligence.
P.S. Got some more, but giving others the chance !

jon pour do care said...

One more to the list:-
Ask rakyat to cabar (challenge) you !

Bulans said...
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Jahamy said...


You raised a very important question: what is the purpose of all these blogs and forums and discussion groups. I think it is so important, I should post an article on it.