Saturday, November 22, 2008


This may dent your ego a lot but let’s face the facts – you are just an ordinary citizen. Being ordinary, you do not really count except when it is time to vote. Even at election time, you are nothing but still as ordinary as ordinary can be. Why? Well, lets look at the facts.

If you do not belong to any political party, you are probably clueless as to who the candidates are. You don’t know their background and whether they had contributed to the country at all. In any case, you did not even nominate them but their party chief did. Most probably, you will just go and vote the party that you are most familiar with.

Who put those people up for election? Not you!

If you are a party person, then it depends. You may vote a candidate based on what the personal returns are to you. Maybe a few bucks or just the dubious circumstance of being associated to the YB while he can suck your breath out of your life for his survival. And all the while, you will be falsely secure with the knowledge that the YB’s hand is always there for you to kiss. Ummmwaah! You are happy being an ordinary hand kisser.

After elections, you do not count at all. What can you do anyway? You cannot even rectify the poor conditions of the school that your child goes to. Do you have any say at all as to what is taught in the schools? Has anyone consulted you whether your child should study maths and science in English or B.M.?

Like everything else that affects you, your views are not only unimportant, they are irrelevant. It is the GOMEN that decides everything for you. And if you are a Muslim, you have added benefit – in all matters that relate to religion, the authorities will decide for you. YOU ARE SO ORDINARY. FACE IT.

AT the best, you and your friends can get together over teh tarik to complain and grumble all you want. You can share with each other that you have better ideas. The bottom line …the GOMEN goes on as usual, doing exactly what they deem fit. You can do nothing about it because you are simply ORDINARY and powerless.

And since you are so ordinary, you do not deserve the best. Hence, if the ordinary-you live in an ordinary neighborhood, you should not complain over many things. If there is power failure, you shouldn’t complain. If the crime rate is high, you shouldn’t complain. If the road opposite your house gets dug again and again and dust flies into your home, you should not complain. In fact you simply do not have the right to complain over anything. Even if you do, you are so ordinary that your complain will not get attended to. In which case, you can call for a meeting with your friends for a teh tarik to indulge in a “lepas steam” session!

Ask you yourself –
If you are not ordinary, how many issues confronting your lives have you raised with the relevant authorities?

If you are not ordinary, how many ministers or state secretaries have you met to discuss and give ideas on what you think is the right way of doing things?

If you are not ordinary, how many official complaints have you made? And when the complaints do not move, how much effort have you taken to mobilize it?

If you are not ordinary, how many times and in which forum have you spoken up against injustices that you see?

If you are not ordinary, how groupings have you formed, for example, to tackle the garbage problem in your neighborhood?

If you are not ordinary, what extraordinary thing have you done as a responsible father, a responsible neighbor, as a responsible citizen etc?

You see, you have imbued the mentality of ordinariness in you mindset, you breathe the air of ordinariness in your daily life and you inherited an ordinary culture from your parents which you will now pass on to your children.

Thus, you will live and die as an ordinary person as determined by the few elitists whose hand you kiss and under whose feet you grovel. You cannot complain, for you have given up your God given dignity as a human being. Helplessly you shall live and helplessly you shall die as you have chosen for yourself.

Let’s just face it, ok?


Stranded in This World said...

Bro, Nowadays you cannot even go back to your family and try to calm some nerves and exercise using Yoga. Its banned too !!

Jahamy said...


We are just ordinary....

Bulans said...
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Bulans said...
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jon pour do care said...

Ordinary ! Yeah ordinary la ! That's why the last general election result was 'ordinary' !

Jahamy said...

jon pour do care,

that's a point. some of the citizens in the last election wanted to show that they are not so ordinary.