Sunday, December 21, 2008


The entire episode is mind-boggling! First, the papers reported that the Government okeys the takeover of IJN by Sime Darby. Apparently, both the PM and the DPM are of the view that privatization will benefit IJN. But the next day, the papers reported that the DPM now says that in depth study needs to be done before a final decision is made. Does that mean no indepth study was done before the first announcement in the papers - I wonder how many new patients IJN had since the first announcement!

More mind boggling is that Sime Darby apparently will charge the same fees as is being charged now by corporatised IJN. Why would private sector Sime Darby want to maintain corporatised rates is indeed mind boggling in the economic sense. A private sector that does not want o make profits? What a heart!

DO you smell something foul somewhere?

Hmm..and they think the so called protest votes of March 2008 will not remain as votes of reformation in the future!


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you ABBA fan? Quite a number of the politicians and civil servants are!!!


In the first place let us figure out,where the hell this stupid ideas come from.Out of no problem u create problem to the people.
Inilah kerajaan yang tongong, bangang dan bahlul that rules us now.
Out of nothing you give weapons to Bro Anwar.

Jahamy said...

Mummy Rokiah,

spoken as only mummy can - right to the point. Semua ni tanda-tanda Allah. Putar belit macam mana pun, perangai gelojoh yang sebenaknya akan timbui jugak!