Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Rakyat-Politician-Corporate Cronies Relationship

Yesterday evening, I was invited to a friend’s house. He is a professor in a local university. While having tea with very nice cup cakes in his house, we drifted into discussing the unholy alliances between politicians and corporate cronies. He suggested that I write something about this in this blog. Ok. Let me try to get the basic message across in a very light vein.

Once upon a time there was the Rakyat. They are simple people with simple desires in life. Their biggest ambition in life is to live happily with their loved ones.

All that the Rakyat wants is the opportunity to find food, clothing and shelter. Translated in modern terms means job opportunities that can enable them to get the money to buy these things. Also the opportunities to get these opportunities – like education, etc. Seen in a certain light, these are basic “bread crumbs”.

Then ONE day, the capitalist was spying on the Rakyats basic needs. He had other dreams!

He set about thinking – how can I make profits out of these essentials that the Rakyat is now getting for free or cheap in the market. He thought and he thought.

Then, he got a brilliant idea. His capitalist ambitions can only be achieved by distracting the Rakyat. He needed someone who can distract the Rakyat from the basic, important things in life. He needed someone who can pretend to serve the Rakyat and pretend to motivate the Rakyat. In short, someone who can successfully take the Rakyat for a ride. He found the Politician.

SO enters the politician. The politician meow, meowed here and meow, meowed there. Speeches here, speeches there. Announcements here, announcements there. Issues here, issues there. Promises here, promise there. Meow, meow everywhere. Finally the Rakyat got distracted with all the moewing.

So, the corporate crony got his way. He made his move while the Rakyat was distracted. He controlled what the Rakyat had before. All became his to commercialize and make profits!

And what happened to the Rakyat with all the politicians’ meowing and the corporate cronies taking away even the Rakyat’s “bread crumbs”?

Ah well, what else is new Yang Berbohong dan Yang Berlagak?
RAPERAS, regain what is yours - first your dignity as a citizen of this beloved Nation.


Bulans said...
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Jahamy said...


You are right about the corruption and rise to power. You are also right about about serving the people does not require money.

The challenge is firstly, how to evolve or allow the evolution of a system where people who truly want to serve the nation and are capable may do so without the current political system? The Rakyat seriously need to address this issue instead of copying models from our colonial masters. I believe we can do it if the RAKYAT HAS THE WILL.

Secondly, in the meantime, how do we create consciousness among the Rakyat that they must exhibit a high degree of intolerance for corrupt and inefficient politicians. ? This obviously will call for "sacrifice", commitment and plan. For example, some Rakyat may want to seriously mount legal challenges against some corrupt politicians, etc. etc.

As the Quran says, most of the "evil things" that beset us are of from our hands, whether through action or omission.

Choosing to be indifferent to known injustices is a conscious choice irregardless of the excuses given. That is called "giving tacit approval"!

Bulans said...
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Jahamy said...


you wrote:

if you can create a united voice of the people where your organisation is maybe but far fetch recognised by the government than you have started a mini revolution. this organisation has no political links, cannot be in power but is more a watchdog where the people will decide when facts are presented to them. ofcourse unbiased as well.

This has been started by many Raperas and are effective. Many more is needed. I respect them for their sense of struggle, and self sacrifice.

sharon heng said...

There is a need for continual educating of the public on the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. Jay will probably say: start with yourself. I agree..:)