Friday, December 26, 2008


I finally heard some good news in Putrajaya. Two government MPs told me that there are serious plans underway to tighten the control over the exercise of power by civil servants, especially the top ranking officials. Apparently, the executive now finally realises that abuses by the civil servants are giving the government of the day a bad name. I have been saying this and whispering this into their ears for years! I suppose, this whisper of mine was never heard without the arrival of March 2008.

I hope the plans that the relevant body is going to unveil and implement vis-a=vis curbing abuse of power by civil servants and improving the delivery system will also consider amending the general orders to enable expeditious termination of seriously delinquent civil servants. Contracts of top ranking civil servants should also be reviewed against the backdrop of their productivity before renewal. I can never understand why some of these contracts are renewed when they have only one year left and the official had already had a good ride on the tax payers money for years.

There has been so much talk about the delivery system and the little napoleons. The Rakyat is waiting to see some "walking the talk".

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