Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Datuk Seri Najib Questions motive behind Dr Asri’s arrest (“The DrMaza Fiasco”)

The StarOnline reports that the PM has questioned the motive behind Dr Mohd Asri’s arrest.  The PM reportedly said:

“Najib said that Dr Mohd Asri was a truthful speaker whose talks were always backed by proof and clear dalil (quaranic and Hadith verses).
“I don’t know what is the motive of the arrest. It was done by the state religious agency. It has nothing to do with the Federal Government,” he told reporters on Monday after launching a Pasar Tani convention”

While it is comforting to hear the PM assure the public that the “DrMaza Fiasco” has nothing to do with the Federal Government, it is disturbing to hear the entry of Jakim into this fiasco. Jakim is a Federal Institution and any act by Jakim will certainly be interpreted as having the tacit or direct approval of the federal Government.

It now appears that a Jakim officer has alleged that the undergraduate degree obtained by Dr Asri is false!!! This is a serious allegation and one wonders why this is now made in the heat of the “Dr Maza Fiasco”? Is something brewing behind the closed religious doors of Malaysia which the public in general and the Muslim public in particular do not know about?

If the Federal Government does not set the record straight by taking bold actions, the public perception will move in one direction.

Dr Asri’s unthinkable arrest is the tip of the iceberg and a trailer of a greater show to come.

What is more worrisome is the question – do our leaders know what is going on behind the very tightly closed doors of the powerful religious corridors? I have raised this matter many times over the past many years to many leaders (ministers, prime ministers and a deputy minister – will not mention names) but they seem to be in the blur and/or too “fearful” to interfere where the word “Islam” is uttered. Only last month, I have raised the need for Muslim political leaders to be aware of the trend “Islam” is taking in this country and the quiet but effective quest for control over the Malays by non-elected individuals with the religious tag. I will call this “hidden group” as “religious dominators”.

There appears to be a hidden movement to convert this country into a type “Islamic state” as dictated by the religious dominators. It is as if a conspiracy has been going on under the very noses of the public and the leaders. One day we may wake up in a country that we do not recognize – and this includes the Muslims! I am sincerely afraid that the current crop of leaders does not seem to understand the issues and the gravity of the movement. At the end, the sensible and peace loving people may suffer.

It is of concern to the Muslim populace of this country because the unthinkable conclusion is that the determination of “things Islamic” is completely in the hands of paid “religious civil servants”.  It is frightening that while in all areas we are clamoring for accountability and transparency, in matters concerning Islam (and I am a Muslim), those who are given the responsibility (and paid to do so) to “develop things Islamic” are going about it in a much unseen manner.

Are political leaders impotent when the people voice out their views on “matters Islamic”? I think people generally want to see the Government showing leadership, and under Najib, it appears to be showing some signs of leadership but in areas touching religion – what happened?

It is about time that we seriously, honestly and intellectually address the issue of where “Islam” is going in this country and “who” is dictating its form in the larger interests of those who want to practice Islam in peace and the Nation.

Dr Asri, I wish you strength in this test.

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