Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reader's idea of Rapera

I received this email and the pics from Osman Hj Kamaluddin. Very inspiring.


I believe Rapera ni macam lighthouse dalam 2 gambar ni.
Walaupun dalam keadaan tenang tetapi tetap menjalankan amanah nya. Tak complacent.
Walaupun di landa ombak dan badai, ia tetap utuh dan tak gentar untuk menjalankan prinsip nya.
Lebih kurang macam tu lah........
Apa macam ok kah......?

[I think you got it right!. Thanks Osman] For the picture below thanks to Flickr from Yahoo.

What do you think? We are looking for logos to represent the Rapera spirit.  The oil lamp is being "temporarily" used inspired by Quran 24: 35-36.

lately, I have been getting many emails asking me what is the concept of "Rapera". To get an idea of what I mean by "Rapera", you may go to the following links:

Any ideas for a logo?

Peace !

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