Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nothing's just a job

We all live a life.

Many of us give excuses for the life we live especially when we know that the way we live our lives causes untold miseries for other people's lives. The fact is quite a number of us take care of ourselves and our families at the expense of other people's happiness and welfare.

Obvious examples will be the tobacco industry and the gaming industry. Shamelessly, these two industries thrive on the weakness of human nature. Tobacco industry's main objective is to make smokers systematically addicted to smoking. This is the target of all the millions they spend in marketing - to convince smokers that systematic suicide is cool. Governments support this industry in the name of revenue while at the same time, the Government proclaims that it wants a healthy citizenry.

Nothing personal, they will say. It is just a job.

Likewise, it does not matter to the relevant government agencies and the "businessmen" in the industry of gambling that they are milking away someone's wealth by thriving on the addiction to gambling. They are merely concerned that they can make all the money they can at the expense of other families being wrecked and destroyed. In this country, we have no shame in declaring that we are an "Islamic State" and yet licence many family wrecking gaming outlets. At the same time, we have slogans saying that we are a moralistic society and that all religions prohibit money-making schemes that take advantage of human weaknesses - yet we never walk the talk. We create excuses because the smell of money is over-riding than the smell of death of families. Once again, it is nothing personal. It is just a job. No one forced you to gamble. We conveniently forget that we never use this excuse for drug trafficking!

Political corruption is yet another example of where thousands of families welfare and standard of living is sacrificed at the altar of vested interests. We have witnessed mega projects and mind-boggling projects that bring forth "millionaire businessmen" that "society" proudly proclaims as the "successful businessmen" - never minding the fact that millions more Malaysians are left to struggle for an average income every month. Amazingly and shockingly we witness politicians and their families living lives beyond the reach of the ordinary citizen.

It never crosses anyone's mind that the amassing of such wealth denies these resources from being utilised for the general good of all citizens. To keep up the extraordinary lifestyles and wealth of these politicians, the general citizen's standard of living has to be sacrificed.

Even the more fortunate citizen like a professional who works 16 hours a day is unable to reach the wealth level of these politicians and their families. It is mind boggling as to how they are able to amass such wealth while they are supposedly busy serving the people! Nothing personal...just a job.

Lastly, but not the least, of course are the civil servants who wreck havoc on the citizen's lives by abuse and, sometimes, refusal to use their proper discretion in the interest of the citizen. They get their monthly salaries to bring back to their respective families and their strongest excuse for incompetency and irresponsibility is :" saya yang menurut perintah". It is nothing personal. It is just a job.

I have been seeing this same attitude pervade even into the other sectors, including the enforcement agencies, private sector, judiciary and so on...nothing personal. Just a job.

They all forget. To the victim, it is very personal.

It is the way these people in power CHOOSE  to make other peoples' lives and thier families lives miserable and poor so that they can be wealthy and powerful.

In life, almost every thing is personal. Raperas, Let's not forget that.  How you choose to live your life says alot about you - if you are the angel or the devil on earth.

Peace !

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jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

Kan dah di tetapkan, buat baik di balas baik, buat jahat di balas jahat. Tak di balas di sini, akan di balas di 'sana'. Jadi tak perlu lah gundah gulana ! Relax la Bro. !