Thursday, August 14, 2008

When did we lose this?

When did we lose our innocence, and charm? Did society corrupt us or is the corrupt society an outward manifestation of our inner selves? I wonder, what is the religion,race, wealth and status of a baby?

Will it make a difference to the baby's "fate" if it is adopted by a Chinese or a Malay or an Indian or a Kadazan or a German?


Anonymous said...

of course the fate of the baby will be different, you cannot run away from genes, environment will play a part but genes do contribute more to the final makeup of the person, hence the term thorough bred.

thats why the chinese will always be greedy

indians will always be sneaky

and malays will always prefer there own offsprings for sex and the preferential orifice may not be the one that is recommended in the quran...

cakobeng said...

"thats why the chinese will always be greedy, indians will always be sneakyand malays will always prefer there own offsprings for sex...."
Wow! you must be some kind of expert in genetic studies, and probably has a phd in sociology and psychology. Your statement is definitely the discovery of the century. Hey how about more views, ideas or conjecture about other races? how about jews, blacks, arabs, caucasians, eskimos... please enlighten us.

jahaberdeen said...


Actually I read somewhere that scientists have long rejected "race" and ethnicity as relevant for any scientific purpose. For example, when someone needs blood, you don't get someone of the same race or religion but of the same blood group. There is an interesting writeup on wikipedia.
Race and ethnicity is considered more of a social and cultural construct.

Anonymous said...

sorry cakobeng i can only speak of the people i live all my life with,
and actually i am not an expert of anything, neither do i have any formal training, education nor i do read as many books as i will assume compared to you?

as for the malays, chinese and indians ofcourse there are exceptions to their natural gene make, but then again i am providing an observation of the races that i have come to encounter, sorry cant help you with the jews, blacks, arabs, causasions, eskimos and etc as i did not observe them..hehe