Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Merdeka Countdown 1 : Viewpoints


Anonymous said...

our country will be celebrating its 51th birthday in 2 weeks time.

we fought the japs and the communist together and form a coalition government and received independence from the british.

the british left behind a legacy of democracy and infrastructure system that govern us till now.

our forefathers had dreams of building a united malaysia away from colonisation from the british. their ideals have transcend down but along the way its somehow been either lost, forgoten or swept under the carpet say that the people that are in power remain in power by creating differentiation between races and religion.

50 years on and the only political theme that barisan know to keep themself in power is to spill the non bumi blood in the streets of kampung baru with their keris.

my my how far we have come to still have that mentality, whereby invoking racial sentiments translates into votes.

arent we a lot of primates?

episode 1

bulan of puteras

jahaberdeen said...

bulan of puteras,

Is it not a blessing that you and I do not think in bigotory terms? Maybe we can get just one more person who will also think in pure human terms?

Precisely my point, the country is saved NOT by politicians BUT by saviour citizens or Raperas.

Anonymous said...

mr jahaberdeen,

i was asked once by a malay why i do not have children, my answer to him cause a bit of commotion and anger on his part,

i told him the way this country is heading, i think as a non bumi, to offer another non bumi into this country is an act of cruelty.

this ofcourse was after the keris waving, sending the chinese back to china, sending the indians back to india, no place for non bumis in universities and so forth propoganda by the government.

30 odd years ago, i think we had more unity and tolerance bewteen the races than what we have now,

i lived in penang then, the chinese could speak tamil, the malay and indians could speak hokkien, there was no such thing of race name calling like malay kui, keling kui and so forth.

malays use to drink in public and in functions, even government officials and politicians do that in public. now they even scared of mentioning alcohol when their melayu peers are around but they still love to drink in my house.

they will say aiyah, this new melayus are not so open minded like we were before.

so who made them this way? mahathir? hussein onn? razak?

definately not tunku rahman.

and definately not paklah as he too stupid and too afraid of his own shadow...

bulan of puteras

jahaberdeen said...

Bulan of puteras,

Amazing you should mention Penang as I grew up there. Miss the chee chong fun at Green Lane! Yes, you are right, in one sense, there appears to be more racial overtones today compared to those days.I remember some chinese in Penang wear sarongs like malays and so on.

In another sense, compared to those days, today there is less suspicion and more inter-mingling between the races. For example, if the perception was those days that the Chinese youth are hardworking and Malay youth lazy, today I see that many Chinese, Malay and Indian youths have generally become lazy! Malaysian culture and malaysianisation? I dont know.

I think if you look at the highest income level groups and the lowest income level groups, there doen not seem to be much of a racial divide. The racial divide appears to be prominnent in the middle income category, so much so I begin to wonder if the real issue is one of economics and race is just another tool of this economics.

The other point worth thinking about is the so-called "Islamization process" that has quietly been taking place for the past 20 years. Is it also contributory towards the racial divide in the guise of religion?

My chief concern is that politics and politicians need to create "niche" markets using race and religion and that may have largely contributed to the current situation. Along with these group are the capitalists from all races who work hand in glove with the politicians to perpetuate their wealth through race and religion.

It is all about power and money.

I believe the average Malaysian generally is not conciously, knowingly a racist. Maybe some are ignorantly so because of the propaganda fed into their un thinking minds or their own naivety.

We need to move along. We need to move away from divisive politics and divisive religion. We need people to live the life they preach..we need Raperas. I think so, anyway. Could be wrong, of course.