Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Merdeka Countdown3: What is Our Children’s future?

What do we teach our children? To love? To hate? To share? To be selfish?

Do we bring them together or do we push them further apart?

Are they safe?

What signals do our political leaders send out to the young generation - narcissism, hedonism, greed, truth, arrogance or self sacrificing servitude to God and humankind?

What kind of role models are we? Bigots? Emphatic?
What children see and hear, children copy.

Have we freed ourselves from our own shackles? Have we cleaned our own backyard?

If you are not happy with your answers to the above, Raperas are urgently needed.

Forget politicians. They cannot see further than the next election.

We do not need to walk in their shadows…unless they too become a Rapera, they can then walk with other Raperas.

(Thank you Akbar Hussain for sharing this video with me.)


Anonymous said...

A new future will develop if Anwar Ibrahim wins in Permatang Pauh and forms the Government on September 16th 2008. What will that future be?

Have u seen the sms which says that if BN loses big time at Permatang Pauh, it may just give UMNO the balls to kick out Badawi? So all BN/UMNO members are encouraged to make sure that BN will lose their deposit at Permatang Pauh.

BN will lose. If BN wants to remain in power beyond September 16th, then the BN must do the following (among others):

Fire the PM. Also fire the following Ministers 1. Zaid Ibrahim 2. Nor Mohd Yakob 3. Amirsham Aziz 4. Zulhasnan Rafique 5. Khaled Nordin 6. Azalina Othman 7. Noh Omar 8. Muhammad Muhammad Taib 9. Shahrir Samad 10. Nazri Aziz 11. Johari Baharom (Dep. Min.) and a few more.

The IGP (now in ICU after heart bypass surgery), the AG and a few other Govt people must also be immediately replaced.

This may bring a different future for our children too. Maybe a better one.

Anonymous said...

i think the whole cabinet should be fired and most DGs in their respective ministries for new blood and hope to emerge that will hopefully and finally lead this country out of a political and racial shit hole.

through all this, i am not sure anwar is capable of achieving. i just hope whatever he says he will perform and bullshit is propaganda to get into power and then turn everything around. like his wife said, you cant anyone explicitly.

Bulan of Puteras

Jahaberdeen said...

Bulan of puteras,

Clearly, there has been alot of hope for change by the Rakyat way before the 8th March elections. What happend at the recent election was predictable and this shows that the Rakyat can take back the power from the politicians if they want to.

Since 8th March, there appears to be some kind of greater "hope for change". For me, the most important thing is for the Rakyat to constantly remind the politicians on both side of the fence that it is the Rakyat that is in power and not any of them. For this, we have to be constantly wary, careful not to be manipulated by either side and must always be prepared to be....a Rapera.

Politicians are like addicts, even after rehabilitaion, they must be under constant scrutiny!