Saturday, August 30, 2008

Merdeka Countdown9: Education Policy – Another Brick in the Wall?

Every Malaysian child should have FREE education up to university level. After 50 years of merdeka, we are still far away from this objective.

Education cannot be politicized. You cannot, under any circumstances play politics with the children’s future. NO. That is a major sin.

We say we care for our children. Does the state of our primary schools reflect that? What kind of syllabus? What kind of teachers? What are they taught? How is the environment?

We hear of education policies changing when Ministers change. What is the problem? Do we not have a 20 year plan or something?

We hear of some championing Sekolah kebangsaaan, some sekolah agama, some sekolah Tamil, some sekolah Cina and so on. That is all right, probably. But it is about time the RAPERA did some check on these champions – where do their own children study?

Those champions of these schools should send their own children to the very schools they champion.

I am sure the education policy for the Rakyat is a cabinet decision. The cabinet must feel that the schools and the education system is good enough for the Rakyat. We would like to see the day when ALL the children of the cabinet members are sent to the Sekolah Kebangsaan or any of the local schools (Tamil, Cina, Agama, etc).

This should be a compulsory pre-requisite for EVERY cabinet member. Otherwise, do not serve.

If it is good enough for our children, should it not be good enough for them too? The Quran says this:

“Grievously odious is it in the sight of God that you say that which you do not do”. [061.003]

God says, walk your talk.

Many must have been bored to death hearing speeches that education is important, plays an important role in nation building etc. We know that. Some of the speeches sounds so puerile; we become embarrassed for the speaker! What we want to know is:

has our current system succeeded or failed to make us into human beings with good values. Has it succeeded or failed into making us Malaysians?

Or is it just another brick in the wall?

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Jon Pour Do Care said...

Ever wondered why so many tuition centres around. What is the signal being sent ? Is it becoz our students cannot be '100% educated' in our schools ? Is it becoz our education system is inadequate ? Maybe there is a plot between these two syndicates. Bottom line there is a big hole in my pocket. Something is very wrong somewhere ?
Adios !