Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pursuit of Results - An Overdrive?

By: Shahrim Abdul Latif

The pursuit of results in our country has gone to overdrive. Activist of all denominations are riding the high wave to shore inviting people to join and support them. In a country that has been harbouring issues below the radar, these activist are having a field day with the kind of support their getting. Never have we seen these kinds of discussion taking place, suddenly the pent up emotions of the people in Malaysia is being discussed even in the main stream media. What a sight to behold. I can still remember the SOQIU and the keris in Umno assembly issue not to mention the Hindraf, article 15 and the inter religious council high drama. But these events had log gap between them, so enough media time can be allotted to them. Post march 8 these types of events are closing up on one another. Activist, journalist, bloggers must be having a tough time in organising which issues to highlight first.

I think it would gain more momentum. The race to the shore will get more supporters and the waves would be bigger. The thing to see is the state of our people when they realised that the issues they are so in support of is at the opposite corner of another issue also with large support in direct collision with them. Would they be ready to continue it or would they abandon it. What if their radar is off and a head on collision happens, what would the casualties be? Would there then be a revolution? Who would be the victors? These are the kind of scenarios we only read in our history books and foreign section in our media whether mainstream or not. Kudos Malaysians, we can finally raise our head high up and say we are finally a member of the global community, fighting for democracy and the rule of law.

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Anonymous said...

Salam Jabar. Its me. Cyberspace and the Blogs can only achieve the type of success they are achieving in this country. In the US for example the Blogs do not play a role as an alternative media. Facebooks are deftly used for promotion. Dissemination of news is done thru the mainstream media.

This means two things: i. the mainstream media are being exposed for what they are not - a source of disseminating news ii. they will go out of business.

These 'Boycot MSM' campaigns are having their impact.

The only way is for all the restrictions, censorships, scaremongering, waving the big stick and other such unintelligent behaviour to go the way of the dinosaur.

Financially the MSM's days are numbered. They will all go bust, even the Malay MSM. Unless they too are completely cut loose. But this will not happen. So they will go bust.