Friday, August 15, 2008

Posting Comments

Dear Friends/Visitors,

I have programmed this blog to allow for comments from anybody without any moderation. There are several reasons why I have done this. 1) I still believe that Malaysians can learn not to abuse such freedom and can comment responsibly. 2) to make it easy for those who are genuinely interested in the fate of our country to comment and participate so that we may learn from each other.

I know that many blogs have failed to secure responsibility from commentators, but I would like to give the benefit of doubt to Malaysians first. There is always a good side to the worse person. Hopefully, the good side may dominate.

Even though you may comment anonymously, it would be nice if you could leave you real name. What is there to be afraid of if you are convinced and really believe in what you have to say? Furthermore, if you leave your real identity, all of us could be friends. isnt that the best way to start a "nation'?

In ending, would like to share the following:

: "Jesus answered him, I spoke openly to the world; I even taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, where the Jews always go; and in secret have I said nothing".[Bible John:18:20]

"Know they not that God knows their secret (thoughts) and their secret
counsels, and that God knows well all things unseen?" [Quran 09.078]

"What! have they settled some plan (among themselves)? But it is We Who
settle things".[ Quran 043.079]

"Or do they think that We hear not their secrets and their private counsels?
Indeed (We do), and Our messengers are by them, to record (it)" [Quran .043.080]


Mohd Irwan said...

Brother Jahaberdeen,

I totally agreed with you with regards to your humble opinion of your blogs i.e the commentators should at least reveal their name and make an academic and reliable points or comments.

You see brother all these are human behaviour, we need to accept that.

I would like to extent my view that lets all the "afraid/ hyphocrite" people with their comments because at the end of the day we'll see them in the hereafter.

In quran, Allah will evaluate all our action (Al-Zalzalah 7-8.

So brother as you said/quote in your blog "Dont Worry Be Happy"



jahaberdeen said...

Brother Irwan,

Your comments are comforting. This blog is much yours as it is mine.

Thank you and lets do what we can and leave the rest to God.