Friday, August 29, 2008

Well said Transport Minister!


While you are at it ACA, how about looking at the Marine Department, the licensing department, etc? And don't forget those officials housed at the Ministry itself.

Kudos Ong Tee Keat! Kudos ACA!


Thinavan said...

I totally agree. Corruption is destroying society and making people poor.

jon pour do care said...

Interesting articles. Kudos to you too.How about anything on education i.e. why student doesn't have the urge to acquire knowledge or something like that. ADIOS !

Anonymous said...

every government department is corrupt to the level of disgust. from the police to the immigration, from the transport department to the works ministry.

why is corruption prevailing? is it the symptom of a bigger problem that the civil service is inefficient? or they are just plain corrupt.

this country and the people are always looking at the symptoms of problems and looking at eradicating the real problem!

Bulan of Puteras

jahaberdeen said...

Bulan of puteras,

You are absolutely correct in identifying the civil service as the root of the problem. It is this sector that has gone completely unnoticed. They are extremely powerful, almost unaccountable an exert tremendous influencer on the people's life.

It is about time RAPERAS highlighted the need to reform and watch this sector.

Any ideas how we can highlight this to the public's consciousness?

Anonymous said...


every establishment may it be civil or private instill direction and leadership from top down.

if our level of prime ministers, ministers and director generals are already corrupt and inefficient, what hope is there for the citizen?

it again boils down to ethnic groups. you know when a chinese takes money illegally, they are definately not a function of ineffecientcy but truly corrupt.

but when a malay takes money, are they corrupt or inefficient or due to years of practising the corruption, to them it feels that it has become their birth right. and to them it does not seem wrong?

many many years ago in our boleh land, if you were to get pull over lets say for not putting on your sit belt by the police. there will be a long long negotiation between you and the policemen and you will be begging the policeman not to issue you with a summons. and they will be very reluctant to take any money if at all.

now if you get pull over by the policeman, they will give a menu of prices for payment;
1. not wearing sit belt 100
2. using handphone 50
3. illegal u turn 80
4. speeding 30 km zone 50
5. speeding 50 km zone 100
6. speeding on highway 150
7. breathing in the car 10?

you get the drift?

when the leadership is practising the same morals standard who are the people to look up to?

our abdullah always forms committees for anti rasuah, integrity, transparency, efficiency... all full of bull. at the end nobody is monitoring these functions and then he sets up new committees to overlook the existing committees??? what the fuck is going on, you ask yourself.

MRR2, talk and talk and talk. no headway. etc etc.

why will the civil service respect and adhere to any government policy when the leader is screwed up? and the man from cambridge or so it seems is no better. and that is suppose to be our political future in boleh land?

Bulan for puteras for PM and I will turn the country around, politically, economically and functionally.

You know the population in the US is some 250 million people, the population in malaysia is 25 million. the civil service size in the US is 700,000 and is considered high, in this country our civil size is 1,300,000 and we are still inefficient??? what the F?

these are symptoms of problems.
the question to ask to get to the real problem is:

1. does race play a part in efficiency?
2. is corruption prevailing due to the inefficiency or greed?
3. is corruption necessary due to income levels?

when you get the answer to the above, Mr Jabar, you can start eradicating the problems the real problems. hope this is helpful

Bulan of Puteras