Monday, August 11, 2008

Stable society and Trojan Horse

I received the following long sms from a young CEO of a major company. Probably this appears to be the views of many young people in this country? I do not know. I am posting it here for you to think about it.

"Salam. On one corner of the ring we have a disillusioned self centered leader whose foundation was built on the image of Mr Clean. In his fervour to consolidate his strength, restructured the system of governing this country, no doubt that the system has its flaws but it was good enough to bring the country to where it is today comparing the state it was 50 years ago. On the other corner, we have an opposition whose leaders are ever willing to use whatever issues close to the people's heart to gain ground but in private circles speaks differently. They even talk differently to diferent quartersof society. The question is why do we the people be supporters to either one when being a spectator sickens the mind and body. Ethiopian society is a target unobtainable. it sickens me when people are systematically brainwashed to think it is just for the sake of getting them in power.

A stable society is what we can hope for, this requires compromise and a clear plan and action to bridge the gap such compromised cause. For that , in a society which is becoming more affluent and aware of their civil liberties, first and foremost we need a society which is rational and far sighted to look into the under currents, to understand the global scenarios and the strategies of the current world powers and how it affects us. I believe this song and dance to create true democracy and the adherence to the rule of law is an attempt to destabilise upcoming powers so that their hegemony is well protected. Immediately the trojan horse comes to mind. But if society can't see this than it deserves to be destabilised and fall into anarchy". END.

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andrew davies said...

HI everyone,

This happens everywhere in the world. Politicians always like crisis because then the people will be so busy, the politicians can do what ever they want. Maybe the solution is for the people not to be distracted by the politicians..but is that possible?