Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How can you do this???Haiya!

I overheard a conversation:

"Cannot cannot one"

"Why la cannot. he thinks he is so great. Now he become manager. I have been here long one you know??"

"Ya have been given chance for so long to prove yourself. See, laaah, the company profit never increase but your persoanl wealth so much. How can you afford on small salary?"

"Cannot like that! you think only me ah? Others also same. People can take, why I cannot take?"

"People take that's people's problem. Now the board dont want you..why you go an fix up the new manager? Very cruel la you. Some more what you do can cause chaos in the company, you know?"

"Haiaya! You too straight la! If I cannot get the company why I care what happen to the company? Let the new manager answer lor. NOw he know...last time talk so much...see how he manage la! Now he know, talking and management different""

"Haiya...cannot be like that...because of your fight with him, you want all the company employees to good la!"



Deacon1957 said...

A Short note on Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar’s biggest problem is that he is hooked on public attention. The real reason why he is really pissed off and wanted to take revenge against Umno is because Tun put him in prison..

He loved every minute of reformasi because he was at the centre of attention but away in prison, he was dying from public attention deficit and that really made his anger grow

Even his CIA handlers are starting to find this trait annoying you see he is not the only one they have lined up for Malaysia, he has a British counterpart that is working for the same agenda, to destabilise the most prosperous and forward looking Muslim state on the planet, Malaysia. In fact Sept 16 was self sabotaged by Anwar because he realized he could not be in full control due to strong resistance from within his coalition

Remember the Indonesian Karate man who was arrested in Malaysia for solicting prostitues?
His friend is sponsoring the Indon riots
Karate man was arrested here and the official line is that he was looking for girls, the real story is that he was looking for young boys, Anwar may want to deny this link but these two boy lovers are linked by fate, their insatiable love for men have made them kindred spirit. Anwar uses his Indonesian network to generate the current hatred for Malaysia, as part of his global assignment…
Anwar’s links in Indonesia goes to the same operatives in Indonesia where the CIA is known to be very active
Anwar is part of the machinery that have been feeding hate messages into Indonesian Media, every maid brutality case is meticulously and religiously forwarded to the Indonesians to be played up by the Media
If there is no good news then bad news is the only news, that is Anwar’s operating tactic in Malaysia, the same approach is being used by the CIA in Indonesia to damage Malaysia’s reputation and the bond between two well known and resolute Islamic countries,

the long term strategy is to discredit traditional Islam and plant one of two of America’s version of Islam in all Islamic states, the hate-propelled Islam of Ben Laden and hi Wahabbi movement and the Orientalist Islam, which is the same as the agnostic movement in the Christian Church where God is just a discussion point, a focal point for their logic driven moral compass


Anonymous said...

What was that all about???

Anonymous said...

By the way...what happened to The Third Eye???Dah jadi The Third Eye Blind ke??? Haiyo!!!

caleb said...


why like one?..what to..politicians scumbags one!

Good one bro..just wish you will write it out clearly instead of metaphorically!!


Jahamy said...


I do not share your view entirely, especially on the boys issue, but you are entitled to your opinion..:)

peace !

BID said...

I’d have to say it’s a sad truth but this behavior of “it’s mine or it’s nobody’s” is something very common and has been practiced for centuries...

Uncle Jay, Farhan’s got this book entitled The Secret History of The World by Jonathan Black (I think), it somewhat touches on this issue/behavior... would make a great addition to your to-read list :-P

Deacon1957, I'm all for listening to conspiracy theories, but that's about it, I listen only... I don't share your views on that issue, it just seems illogical and improbable...