Friday, September 4, 2009


Since I allowed anonymous posting, this pondan bigot..:)..that possibly lives with the rats in the basement has been sending "comments" which are most racist, offensive to multi-racial living and...well..if he was 15, he will be caned for being insolent.

Amazing, this rat has never commented when he has to log in with his name. The minute anonymous posting is allowed, here he comes!

Cowards are not welcome in open space..please crawl back into the basement with the rats..hopefully the rats do not mind your company!

If you have any guts, please use your real name to comment and I will publish it. Let the world hear the sick state of your mind. OTHERWISE I TAKE GREAT PLEASURE IN CENSORING YOU..:)) I feel as though I am swatting the irritating flies!!!

Freedom of expression is for responsible people..not for mentally deranged people like you ( I am sure you are reading this in the safe comfort of your basement. Feels safe to throw stones while being hidden in the rat hole right??? Wow, that is courage!)

If it helps.....grow up. Be human. Be Malaysian. Be brave for what you have to say.

Even for you..there is still hope.

Peace !


Khalid said...

Sabar...this is the price to pay as your blog becomes more popular. Do you remember this term "pondan siam".. lol.

Salam ...and smile

Anonymous said...

Betul!Betul!Betul! Sarah yang perempuan ni pun berani taruk nama sendiri bila kutuk abg Jay kan..kan :P

Coward,bigot tu ok lah...tapi janganlah disamakan pengecut dengan pondan.Kecil hati semua pondan-pondan nanti.Pondan laaaaaagi berani!!!

BID said...

Hear hear!

One should always be accountable for ones actions, or in this case comments…

Jahamy said...


Yes I do remember!

Peace !

Anonymous said...

hahaha, you give a fresh new meaning to your term rapera

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

Well Brader, after all, this is yr Blog. So, it is yr duty that it is devoid of any 'PARASITES'! After all, you, me and others in here don't really need them ! (Takde paedah langsung, kan...kan..kan....!)

P.S. Brader ! I know you meant it in another way (a figure of speech kot !), but I think the word PONDAN should not have been used. Maybe the word BACUL would be better. Bukan apa, takut ada mak nyah yang akan tersinggung plaks nanti ! Kita pun ada kawan gak ngan dia orang. Baik baik belaka semua nye ! Ni pun ada dok tolong wife kita dok buat kueh raya lagi you, aaaaaaaauuuuwwwwwww !

Jahamy said...

Niasara and jon pour do care,

I take your point..should not have used the word pondan. This is old habits while growing up....I was actually accompanied to primary school by one who was very nice to me..he was actually very sisterly!