Friday, September 11, 2009

Natasha Norza: The word is "live"

I have always been convinced that teenagers and even some preteens are very capable of “deep thoughts”. If only adults can make the time to recognize that.

Natasha Norza, a 13 year old was crowned the Bard of Garden International School for her deliverance of a thought provoking essay.

I had to reproduce it here as a timely reminder from this young person to us all:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a dreaded yesterday.

I came to a strange realization that life consists of a beginning, an ending and what people do is that they forget the middle.

Yesterday, all the strange movements outside, the distant noise nearby, it made the world seem empty, a nihility. I felt alienated, minuscule even.

Then, the world seemed to stop slowly, all time and space was slowed down in a blurry motion. It was a slow movement but subsequently, everything seemed to accelerate all at once. Suddenly, as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my chest. I had been liberated, reborn into the world to see all its beauty. I let myself fall into it.

I was awakened, there was no feeling of fear or absolute dread but I was left with the need to go on a pursuit of living life to the fullest and maybe one of the hardest things to achieve in this world - happiness. This pursuit, this journey motivates me to run faster, to move further and to take the next step forward.

To always look beyond this unrevealed skyline and never backwards. To be satisfied and not long for anything much else.

This journey has made me live with an uninterrupted state of optimism and joy.

To live: there is a deeper meaning. In living, there is a beginning, a middle and an ending. The word is live.

My journey ends with the unfailingly excitement of tomorrow”.

Natasha, congratulations and well done.

You have reminded us all that it is the journey that is important – to appreciate every single step. Thank you!

Peace !


sharon heng said...

Natasha dear,

That is so beautiful! You will grow up to be a thinker.

take care.

Natalie said...

Indeed, those are inspiring words. Beautifully said.

Anonymous said...


caleb said...


dont we wish adults can be as wise as you?

good write-up girl!