Monday, November 15, 2010

Screw them young???

Get them young. 

Plug them into the system but make sure they do not know how the system works. 

Give them choices that you have already decided for them. They will readily believe that they are making the choices. 

Get them into automotive mode so that their behavior is predictable to you.  However, make them believe that their peer behavior is erratic and unpredictable. They like that sense of being unique. 

Getting them into automotive mode is good for you. They will get used to all that is wrong and negative. They will loathe knowledge and love being lazy (call it “chilling out”). They will surrender their lives to you by only making them believe they have complete control.

Distract them from your main game. Give them music, girls, boys, gossip, or if you run out of ideas, rehash what has worked with the young 50 years ago and repackage it. They will not know the difference. They just want to think they are different from their adults. 

Make sure they do not understand your game or better that they are fed-up with your game. That way they will leave you alone to do what you want. Do all you can to make sure they are not interested in what you do.

Give them hope. Give them fear. Confuse them and mange the hope and the fear to make them subservient to you. Oscillate the fear and hope often. This way, you will make them surrender their self esteem to you.

Get them young and they will be the slaves of the system for life.  And they will then teach their children what the system has imbibed in them.

And you will be the master forever - to do as you please.

Peace !

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Anonymous said...

bro, you are talking about your own goverment mentality... OMG.. they screw all their people at the early age since Mahathir era. Now they get what they did.. Sleeping??? Don't get mad.. The goverment also the same... they are sleeping...