Sunday, November 28, 2010

Any Fatwa on this - GM Mosquitos ???

We find that our religious authorities and/or the religious "scholars" are very quick to pass fatwas on many things - yoga, women dressing up in "men's clothes", even bollywood movies are not spared.

We have something even more fundamental and radical - tampering with "God's creation" here.

The EDGEMALAYSIA reported that genetically modified mosquitoes (GM Mosquitoes) are going to be released in Bentong and Melaka on a trail basis. The idea, if I understand it is to allow male mosquitos who have an enzyme altered in them to mix with the female and this will eventually, somehow cause the female mosquitos unable to fly. The purpose it is stated is to tackle dengue. This is a joint venture project between the Health Ministry and an UK private company. (Has anyone read this in the mainstream media? I have not!)

The EDGEMALAYSIA reports that this has caused major concern among scientists and environmentalists. They are concerned that tampering with man's greatest enemy - the mosquito - could cause unintended consequences. Even the well known Malaysia's number one consumer issues advocate S.M. Idris has expressed concern.

Of course the private company says it is safe. And the research arm of the Health Ministry is convinced of the high tech nature of the operation. But those who are concerned are asking: if it is so safe, why do the testing in Malaysia and not in other countries where many more are actually dying from mosquitos?

Even I am worried !

What do the religious authorities say? A fatwa please.

Peace !

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