Monday, November 8, 2010

Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Party Elections marred with lack of electoral security?

People are now referring to PKR as Parti Kian Runtuh. Quite a number I have met who once had hopes for PKR as a reform party are now thoroughly disappointed and have raised many credible questions.

One such question is being raised by Haris Ibrahim, a well known social activist who had actively campaigned for Pakatan Rakyat during the last General Elections. This question involves the legitimacy of the Party elections in the light of ballot papers floating around in the thousands! Haris asks:

"And if so, how then did I, who have no role to play in this electoral process, and the informant who had in his possession at least 100 of the same and  claimed to have access to more than 1,000, come to be in possession of these if the central election committee have the ballot papers intended for use in all 4 weekend elections secured under lock and key?"

He legitimately asks the question of electoral security. If past ballot papers ( as allegedly described by Saifudin Nasution) can float around, what guarantee is there that future ballot papers are not floating around too?

Does this not tamper with "free and fair elections" that the PKR brader is so fond of flaunting around?

To add further credence to the doubt that the public is forming about the "freeness and fairness" of PKR party elections, it is reported that Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has pulled out of the Deputy President race! According to Malaysian Insider, Zaid Ibrahim pulled out of the race citing the party election's as "not transparent and fair".

With such a move, can the public be faulted in thinking that PKR has finally shown its true colours and for whom it really stands for? To date, not a sound from the unchallenged PKR President on these marred elections!!!

Peace !

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