Sunday, May 5, 2013

Now That We Have Cast Our Vote ....

Now that we have exercised our democratic right of casting our votes in this election, we now wait for the results. Whoever gets elected and forms the government, the elected members of both the Parliament and the State assemblies must know that they are there because the majority of the Rakyat trusts them to perform the best in the interest of the Nation.

The ordinary Rakyat will go back to their ordinary life.  The RAPERA must remember that the end of the election is the beginning of us to be wary that the elected Government serves the People.

Henceforth, we have to be vigilant of the new Government, how it distributes the resources of the Nation and how the policies are formulated and implemented. We cannot afford another 5 years of disastrous policies that are more politically inclined than serving the rakyat  in the long run.

Raperas work really begins now.

As I have always maintained, we cannot leave the fate of our home - Malaysia completely in the hands of the politicians alone.


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