Monday, May 6, 2013

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia

YAB Datuk Seri Najib,

Salam and congratulations on succeeding in retaining Federal government in the hands of Barisan Nasional. It is a remarkable feat considering the intensity of the elections, the mood in the country and the still 19th century mentality of UMNO in general.

I do not think anyone bright in UMNO will nor should ask you to step down as President of UMNO on the basis that BN performed worse off than 2008. These are two different scenarios.Pak Lah started with a landslide victory but you had lead BN at the worst of its times.

PM Sir, you have courageously come with one policy that will carry Malaysia into the future as a united and successful Nation - 1Malaysia policy. I say this is courageous (even before in my articles) because the first opposition that you faced was from UMNO leaders who could not understand that we must evolve. Now that you have the People's mandate, please give 1Malaysia its true meaning and translate it into the best policy ever.

It is now important that you take the bold step of forming the right cabinet members. You can listen to all advice and suggestions but at the end of the day, you are the PM and you must make the right decision in the interest of the Nation as a whole.

Datuk Seri, being the gentleman that you are, you spoke about reconciliation. Reconciliation is often the next step after a hard fought election in a civilised Nation. Reconciliation means getting together in harmony putting aside our political and partisan leanings and focusing on what is best for the Nation.

I sincerely hope that the Government under you is open to the views of ordinary citizens and genuine NGOs. Please liberalise the registration process for the formation of NGOs so that more citizens can help shape the Nation. The days that politicians have absolute control is over, or more correctly, that illusion is over.

I wish you all the best and may you make us all proud of you as the best Prime Minster Malaysia ever had.


Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos.


Anonymous said...

It's about the whole community, town folks, rural folks and those in between. Each requires different treatment. Each demands slightly different things.

Godisuno said...

I am an ordinary citizen, it seems that 1 Malaysia is only supported by Malays, Indians, and Bumis from Sabah and Sarawak. Majority of Chinese reject the idea. Chinese only want Malaysia for themselves.This has been proven by the GE13 result!

KC Tan said...


you are entitled to your views..but my experience is different. Many chinese support 1Malaysia, like me and my friends. Just that some of us want to see it translated more into action.

This election is not about the chinese, it is about all Malaysians. You see, if it ws about chinese, MCA would have won more.

KC Tan

Ibni Ismail said...

I'm not sure if najib can survive with this result. Pity of him after working so hard promoting 1Malaysia.

Grassroots of malays now start talking about najib's performance. He have to calm down his supporters first before talking again about 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

KC Tan,
dont play wayang cina lah. u only want equality that can only begotten from PR coalition. your comment is itself contrary. how can u 'see' 1Malaysia to be translated into action if the propragater in this case najib not given votes? calm down your supporters, ibni ismail? no, we have given face so much to chinese community but they give shit. shame on u chinese!


KC Tan said...


I am shocked that you refer to me as though I have voted against BN! Are you saying that the Malays that vote for PAS and PKR are also "shame on them Melayu PAS and PKR" according to your kind of logic? Don't make sense right?

Cool it friend...