Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vote the Right Candidate !

Tomorrow is THE day that Malaysian citizens get the one chance in every five years to decide who will be in Parliament and in the State Assemblies to REPRESENT them for the next five years.

These elected representatives will get to decide on the future development and landscape of the country. They get to decide on the KIND of Malaysia that will evolve in the next five years.

They get to decide how the budget of the Nation and the tax layers money will be used - whether it will be honestly and effectively used for the benefit of the People or to enrich themselves and their cronies.

They get to decide what KIND of laws that will be passed, what laws will be repealed, and what laws will be reviewed. This in turn will have a major impact on how we can live our lives, how ,much  freedom we have, how we are allowed to earn our living, how peaceful our country will be, whether there will be true justice or oppression by oppressive laws.

They get to decide the policies that will determine the KIND of future generation that will be shaped through the education system, youth programmes, women empowerment and protection policies and so on.

In short, these elected representatives will have tremendous power to influence our lives while we are busy with our lives for the next five years.

So we have to vote with care from the available candidates, who may or may not be the best that we have in the country.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide who to vote especially in our country where there no free flow of information and facts.  But we are able to agree that the following should probably be some of the criteria/questions that may help us to decide:

1. We don't want leaders who are corrupt, enrich their own families and amass wealth for themselves

2. Do we still want space after the elections to influence policies and leaders who will consider our views? - if so, we need humble leaders who are willing to listen to the Rakyat

3.  Do we want political leaders to control and decide what we believe and how we believe?

4. Do we want political leaders who are racists, sexists, bigotry and who keep dividing us rather than uniting us as Malaysians and humans?

5. Do we want political leaders who are difficult to see once they become Ministers or whom we have to beg or pay toll to see them but have too much of them during election campaigns?

6. Do we want political leaders who would rather toe the party line instead of championing what is right for the Rakyat and the Nation?

7. Do we want political leaders who behave like feudal lords instead of being the servant of the Nation?

8. Do we want politicians who have no vision, or ideas because they do not read or make time to think but are busy officiating functions set up to promote themselves?

9. Do we want politicians who keep insulting the general intelligence of the Rakyat with their statements?

10. Do we want politicians who are rich with slogans but poor with compassion,empathy and action?

11. Do we want politicians who manipulate the form of religion to control the masses and deny the substance from being assimilated in the hearts?

12. Do we want politicians who not only want to control the body of the Rakyat through political power but also the soul of the Rakyat through religious power?

13. Do we want politicians who cry nationalism but give their children and families everything foreign, including education, housing,etc?

14. Do we want politicians who provide bungalows for their families but 600 sq feet cubicles for the majority of the low and middle income Rakyat as homes?

15. Do we want politicians who manipulate the prejudices, ignorance and sentiments of the Rakyat instead of  educating them with facts and allowing an environment that will allow civilized society to evolve?

There are many more criteria and questions that you may want to ask to determine the kind of leader that you want.

Peace !

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