Thursday, May 2, 2013

Khalid Samad For Shah Alam?

I have to write this. I have experience with both contenders for the parliamentary seat of Shah Alam. I know Khalid Samad well and have dealt with him on several matters. I even have had a long discussion with him on Islam, the constitution and various issues. I find him sound on the Quran and a good Muslim in the sense that he strikes me as a person who tries to live the SUBSTANCE of the Quran.

It is therefore not surprising that he is generally kind to all -Muslims and Non-Muslims. The Quran is very clear that a good Muslim is one who champions the causes of those in need and those oppressed, regardless of whether they are Muslims or not. I personally know that he has been serving the constituents of Shah Alam from his service center. There was once where I had wait for him for one hour because he was busy solving someone's problem. I personally believe that he is good for the country.

As to his contender, who name I shall not repeat on this blog, I have had an unpleasant experience with him in the Bar Council when Datuk Ambiga was the chairperson. I had been invited to the meeting because the issue was something that relates to Islam. I shall refrain from commenting on the contender's behaviour at the meeting and to me. I "husna zan" (give him the benefit of the doubt) by thinking that he may have good motives but not much true knowledge of Islam yet. I have seen his videos and his uttering on the youtube. I pray to Allah that people do not associate what he utters on some of the youtube as representative of the teachings contained in the Quran. If he has repented, Alhamdullilah (praise to Allah swt).

As it stands now, Khalid Samad has been consistent and is a good man,

This is my personal view and does not represent the views of the Rapera team. This endorsement of Khalid Samad by me is not an endorsement of PAS, the political party where I have always held the view that political parties should not be associated with religion and that Islam should never be politicised.

Peace and happy voting


Anonymous said...

salam. saya tak setuju dgn dato.

pertamanya kalau nak nilai org jangan nilai berdasarkan bagaimana dia layan org besar-besar.

tengok cara dia layan org biasa2. saya dari org yg biasa2. saya dh cakap dgn kedua calon.

calon bn mesra dan tidak sombong. yg calon pas. jenis bongkak dan suka meninggi suara bila tak setuju dgn permintaan penduduk.

itu pengalaman saya.

Anonymous said...

too bad, we in shah alam don't agree. the subject failed to meet the strict criteria of true Islamic teaching and practice.