Monday, April 13, 2009

1Malaysia Vision – Part 3 – Mutual Respect, Mutual Responsibility and Mutual Rewards – THE 3R MUTUALS

1Malaysia vision must be able to create an awareness and sense of belonging in the People that this is their HOME. People must be able to feel that they and their siblings can depend on this country for their sustenance and survival. They must be able to feel that they can invest all their energy, creativity, emotions and effort in this country so that they and their siblings can receive due benefit from their investments. This is their SOIL.

All the Rakyat are the children of the soil and they have a RESPONSIBILTY to the protect the land, to cultivate it, and to share it. There must be awareness that the more prosperous Rakyat have a duty and responsibility to uplift the lot of the less fortunate Rakyat, irrespective of religious or any social construct. The Government must have policies that will bring forth true mutual responsibility among the Rakyat irrespective of any social differences. Any conduct that emphasizes differences among the Rakyat will only erode the idea of mutual responsibility.

History is a lesson to be learned to know the background of what is today. It cannot be a statement written in stone to be unchangeable today. Everyday as we live, history is being written. If mutual responsibility never existed before due to circumstances then, it does not mean that we have to perpetuate the historical circumstances that never gave birth to mutual responsibility. We have to create the history of mutual responsibility and for this be done we must have the ability and wisdom to understand the children of today.

Human beings, regardless of which social grouping the Creator has chosen to put them into have one thing in common – human dignity and the need to be respected as a fellow human being. 1Malaysia Vision will fail if it cannot bring forth policies that will give birth to mutual respect between the Rakyat. The creation of MUTUAL RESPECT among the Rakyat requires many things to be done. A few examples will be – equality as a human being in the diverse spheres of life, ascension to positions of wealth and responsibility due to skill, and effort and not through unfair handouts (this does not mean the less fortunate ones should not enjoy a “handicap”). Where respect is lacking, tension and hypocrisy is the result. It cannot foster true unity. There are so many things that can be written on this point.

From the soils of this common land, the Rakyat should be able to expect MUTUAL REWARDS since they share mutual responsibility. This is a basic human trait. If you are supposed to be an equal partner in a company, you will expect to take equal risks and receive equal rewards. Risks and rewards are mutual to the partners. If you take equal risks and you do not receive equal rewards, you will not be inclined to undertake mutual risks in the future. This erodes the partnership relationship. The same for a country.

Mere rhetoric and slogans will not help to achieve 1Malaysia without serious and concerted efforts to bring about the 3R MUTUALS.

The challenge is
to translate the above ideas into workable policies.



monday said...

why dont you suggest that the malays, since they have horded all the power and economics of the country be the first to practice outward looking policies to embrace all the races.

be fair to all races, no need all races, be fair to all malaysians, do away with unfair practises and practise merit based policies across the board.

why dont you start by saying that in plain english as a rapera

Jahamy said...


It is plain that we cannot discriminate against people on the basis of social constructs, whatever they may be.

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

As the saying goes 'if you want people to respect you, you must respect people first' and I guess it is the same in fairness !

As Rapera believing in universal values, we should start with us first rather then telling others !