Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Two Bukits – BN lost again! What does that mean?

The two bukits- Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang was retained by Pakatan. Some argue that it does not mean anything since it merely reaffirms status quo. I beg to disagree.

One must not overlook the fact that these two seats fell into Pakatan hands ONLY since March 8, 2008. This, therefore means that the constituents of both the bukits are comfortable with the Pakatan and they have showed this by giving increased majorities to the Pakatan candidates.

Bukit Selambau is a Malay-majority seat. Arumugam, an independent, won in 2008 and was converted into the opposition candidate. Bukit Selambau has 34,977 voters with about 50 per cent of them Malays, 30 per cent Indians and 20 per cent Chinese.

The Bukit Gantang seat, an Umno stronghold, was once held by Gerakan’s Tan Lian Hoe as part of the BN seat sharing formula.

Bukit Gantang 2008 ethnic composition
Malay Malaysians 63.5%
Chinese Malaysians 27.1%
Indian Malaysians 9.1%
Other Malaysians 0.2%

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BN must stand up to the fact that something drastically has changed since March 2008. BN’s label can no longer guarantee any electoral victory. If this trend continues, it is very possible that what almost everyone perceives will come true – come the 13th general elections, the BN will lose power. Can the BN reverse its trend?

It is important to note that there had been 3 “major changes” and events prior to the by-election in the two Bukits –

1. Najib is now PM with his 1Malaysia concept,
2. He had ordered the release of 13 ISA detainees
3. Dr Mahathir is now back into UMNO.

It appears that these events do not have any bearing on the constituents of the two Bukits in influencing their voting.

Can BN reverse this trend? I am calling it a trend because to date, I cannot for the life of me see any real, tangible and wholesome effort by BN and those affiliated to it in trying to win back the MALAYSIAN TRUST. On one hand, I see that when leaders like Dato Seri Najib make a good policy statement like “1Malaysia”, then you have some else affiliated to BN/UMNO playing up the racial and religious card – example, like someone making a police report and playing up the issue of a non-Muslim “insulting Islam”.

As long as this “one-step-forward-four-steps-backward” culture in UMNO continues, it will be designing its own doom.

At the expense of being repetitious, UMNO has to reinvent itself.

Is that possible with the same ingrained mentality, tendencies, hierarchical behaviors and modes of thinking it has?



penyata said...

what it means are as follows:

1.both BN and PKR are bankcrupt with ideas - but people perceive that PKR is the least of 2 evils

2.both BN and PKR party lines/policy is too slag of the other side and there is no new ideas to bring malaysia as a nation out of this rut to face the impending challenges

3.najib is not perceived to be anything new to malaysians as PM, thus BN lost.

4.mahathir walking around and talking like he has najib in his pocket is not a plus to mahathir/najib/BN

5.anwar cannot be trusted in bringing anything new to the table as he only serve his own personal interest and not of the people - thus after 1 year after the election he has done nothing significant but only has bad things to say about BN as a party line policy

6. the fact that mahathir can talk like he likes now and behave that he is controlling the government shows the weakness that najib has of not having a back bone. rosmah probably has more control of the government than najib, she attends mini cabinet meetings, control and have an office in EPU and others...

7. number 6, will be a deja vu of when KJ was perceived to be controlling the government behind the shadow of pak lah.

8 what this means is when come the next election, the probability of BN losing the government to PKR is much more than likely since they cannot recover from the 50 years of unchange and now with mahathir having as stranggle hold of najib, its going to be old shit old smell nothing new.

this will in effect make PKR win the next election not by there merit or anything spectacular but because the people just hate and dont trust BN due to all the above.

and then when and if anwar comes into power, god save everybody as this guy has no morals/ethics or intentions of serving the people accept his own personal gains.



I think your views on Anwar are incorrect. If he is really what you had said, please provide evidences to proof your points..

Why did UMNO, by hook or by crook, try to bring Anwar down?

Because they are very worried that Anwar will bring all the rich UMNO cronies and their corrupted wealth down with them...

May GOD save Anwar and the people..