Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Listen up Government. Start caring. Nobody in politics wants to talk about it. why? Because it affects normal people like you and me.

Anas Zubedy shares his personal experience and writes:

"Once my Yed lamented that he so wished that the government can ban all gambling in this country. He wanted to stop the behaviour so much but he is so afraid that the day he stopped, his 4711 and all those numbers he was following all those years may just pop as a winning one. If gambling is banned, he need not worry about it. He need not worry about social welfare lotteries too!"

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A Voice said...

I've just placed you on my bloglist. Reciprocate bro.

Till we meet again.

jon pour do care said...

Once had an uncle who was in the horse racing bizness (and also a horse trainer !). Used to get some 'pep talk' about life from him when I was a teenager. Remembered one day, we had this conversation about man's sins:-

Uncle: If you're a drinker, how much can you drink in one nite ?

Me: Not much ! Would puke !

Uncle: If you're a womanizer, how many women can you 'take' in one nite ?

Me : Not many ! Would 'drop dead' after that !

Uncle: If you're a gambler and gambling and loosing, how much can your loss be in one nite ?

Me: Everything I guess !

Well the morale of the story.................!

wed said...

It is up to the minorities in Malaysia to say whether they suffer racism or not. It is not up to UMNO.

This is a strange world indeed. There are curious things afoot yet people are too numb, too busy, too brainwashed to notice or bother.

Take free trade for example. It is an accepted fact that there is only one superpower left in this world. It is accepted that this superpower has monopoly over finance, economy, trade, media, technology and military stuff. It is even trying its level best to seize monopoly over culture. Yet it is precisely this superpower that trumpets free trade and worse still, people believe it.

They are even tying free trade together with globalization and people swallow it whole. The value of our currency is mainly and at most times decided in places like London and New York and people still believe in free trade. The US prints monopoly paper money and its currency still appreciates in value, supported by people who believe in it.

This is the superpower that wages war all over the world and accuses other countries of being the axis of evil under the pretext of waging war on terrorism and people believe it.

This superpower invades other countries, causes collateral damage (not kill people), foments civil war and causes refugees to flee in the millions and yet trumpets human rights and people believe it.

This is the superpower that leads a bunch of lily white countries to boycott or walk out of the UN conference on racism and people hail it as a wise measure.

Well, I don’t. I believe that it is up to the victims to say whether there is racism or not. It is up to the blacks in America to say whether they suffer racism or not – not the whites. Just because they elected a half-white black to be President does not mean blacks no longer suffer racism.

In the same vein, it is up to the minorities in Malaysia to say whether they suffer racism or not. It is not up to UMNO. Just because UMNO promotes the new fangled concept of “One Malaysia” does not mean racism is no longer practiced in Malaysia.

So I say it is up to the Palestinians to say whether they suffer racism or not – not the Zionists. But as I said – it is a strange world. The Jews having suffered miserably under the Nazis now perpetrate the same crimes against the Palestinians. It is the same with Josef Fritzl. Having suffered an abusive and neglectful parent, Fritzl perpetrates horrendous crimes against his own children. It is as if evil has a life of its own and is easily transmitted down the generations.

Does this mean then that the Palestinians, after they have freed themselves from the Zionists possess a built-in capacity to do evil? Are the blacks in South Africa oppressing the whites after apartheid has been removed? Who knows? It is all in the near and far future.

All I know is that evil has to be fought and stopped wherever it appears. This is the only way to stop its transmission down the generations. The future has to take care of itself. If in the future, the minorities in Malaysia gain power and start oppressing the Malays, I and my children will be amongst the first in the fight against this evil.

I say again – Evil must be stopped wherever and whenever it appears. Otherwise it will grow and become unmanageable. The heartache and difficulty of trying to correct 51 years of abuse and corruption is good lesson enough.

Using the excuse of championing Malay rights, the most vicious and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats have permeated our civil service and institutions with racism and arrogance to do as they please. These people wield power and will not hesitate to use it. They will turn everything on their heads and make the world a strange place indeed. A world where wealth and power can say that evil is good and good is evil and the weak minded, sycophants, prostitutes, servants and slaves will believe.