Thursday, April 9, 2009

GLCs and Other Institutiions - Any Change?

Now that the interim cabinet has been announced, the next thing that the people are watching is whether there will be changes in the other institutions and organizations linked with, part of, or are affiliated to the Government. I said interim cabinet because I expect that it may undergo a reshuffle as early as August in the event of noN-performance of the appointed Ministers or due to other circumstances that will eventually arise in these uncertain times.

With the new CEO at the helm of the Government, one should equally expect changes in the other parts of the government. It will be a mistake if the other "departments" are not overhauled and this cannot happen with the old woods remaining in place. A change may also be necessary to give a breath of fresh air so that new ideas and new ways of doing the task more efficiently can be achieved. This is imperative.

The Rakyat is now waiting for the advent of these changes.


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