Friday, April 3, 2009


Of course, you cannot trust any political party. You have to watch them, "scold" them, "cane" them sometimes and forever remind them not to take the people for fools.

Someone send me a link that "surprised" me. All my life, I really thought that PAS was always talking about setting up an "Islamic State", not that I have ever believed they know what they are saying. But I thought that was what they have been saying for years. I have always been wary of any political party that has a theological basis because it is only a matter of time when they start playing God and instead of "ISA", they will simply say you are against God if you differ from their views.

Watch this video. Interesting and it us tells a lot about PAS.

Anyway it should make any believer sick in the stomach when politicians from any side of the POLITICAL divide play yo-yo with religion.


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Gunumaro said...

The Islamic greeting by DAP sounds like this:

WalMarkahi wabarokatu

It says here: