Monday, April 13, 2009


What the People would really love to see is the return of ill gotten wealth by some of the "past leaders" returned to the Rakyat.

For the past weeks, I have been hearing the same call again - investigate past leaders. Examine their adherence to accepted government procedures, examine whether there has been any corrupt practices while in office and scrutinize their wealth portfolio. People in positions of power and responsibility must know that resignations will not absolve them of any crime against the Rakyat.

Take the money back and give it back to the Rakyat.



monday said...

why past leaders, why not present leaders?

when the present leader is condoning the past leaders action, how are the past leaders going to get caught?

when the present leader is corrupt and is in cahoots with past leaders, who will implement and enforce your plan of catching past leaders?

wake up and smell the pork chop man

Jahamy said...

good point!

but I'll take a pass on the pork chop..I am vegetarian!!