Monday, August 10, 2009

CrsytalBall: After Raya, After Thaipusam, Before Christmas

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who is the most licik of them all
brader, brader said the wall,
its him who is waiting to fall

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
will the people know it all?
brader, brader said the wall,
they'll know it now - once and for all!

Remember the song that it does not rain every Sunday? Or is it sunshine? Something like that....

PEace !


niasara said...

I'm too sick to think lah! U just got back from Pahang today, Im guessing this post has sumthin to do with BN.

Jahamy said...



niasara said...

then what??? budget 2010 ?

jon pour do care said...

Brader and mirror on the wall...
PLease tell ALL.....laa

niasara said...

jon pour do care...don't bother to ask, i've tried n your brader said " nanti lihat..." huh!

jon pour do care said...

Hmmmmm...sabor aje le Cik Sara !