Sunday, August 30, 2009

Touching and Real - a needed reminder by Anas.

I was touched by this article. Coming from Penang, I understand every single experience related here. It is very easy to forget today how poor many Malaysians were before. It is also very easy to forget how poor many people still are today.

Anas Zubedy writes:

I" love grocery shopping; especially at Guardian during sales.

No I am not a spendthrift, In fact I am rather frugal but I think this simple happiness from buying toothpaste, soaps, shampoo etc is rooted in history. A history of growing up in poverty – that is why you will find that many times in my advertisements, I will highlight about the poor. I know how it is like to have ‘money issues’.

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Anonymous said...

What have we come to....when Malaysiakini has to turn to communist murderers to run down the party with the single largest number of seats. A party which has been returned to power time and again through democratic elections. Though it is far from being faultless it did lead this nation and it did not lead with the reign of terror that Chin Peng and his followers did.

Has the alternative media turned so desperate that they have to turn to the likes of Chin Peng who have never really lived in this country or shared in its dreams and aspirations for support. How credible or meaningful is the view of a failed leader who stubbornly led an insurgency well into the late 1980s before he could realize that he and his policies had failed.

Ceylonese Lawyer

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

your blog might as well be the same as The Star newspaper. everything is censored and you just select the things you want people to read, what a hypocrate, indians are indians, indians are not malays

Jahamy said...

anonymous 11.27 am,

I only allowed that comment of yours for the world to see what "wisdom" comes out from the grey matter between your ears!