Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Politics! Politics! Politics!

Politics is so horrible in the hands of those who see it only as a tool to further enhance their “positions and self” in life. It also makes monsters of people. With the by-election in Permatang Pasir, some blogs will be very busy. Sometimes you wonder what are these people “struggling for”? What is their cause, if any, other than mere partisan interests.

Bloggers. I know a blogger friend who, on hand has certain apparently “solid” ideas on what Islam is but I see that he has absolutely no qualms supporting parties that clearly go against his Islamic stand”. This I cannot understand. Of course you can never argue with this friend of mine (neither do I see any need to), because he will have rationalizations of sorts though to me, the issue is clear from the facts and the Quran.

And then you have the boring and dangerous race and religious card being played out by all and any side in the elections. One person apparently spoke about pigs on the streets if PAS wins. I do not support PAS though I have very good friends who are good people and good Muslims who are PAS members because in my view, as a Muslim I cannot support a party like PAS because I cannot appreciate its “brand of Islam” as potrayed by the leadership. (I may support it if it returns to the Quran)

However, I will not say that if PAS wins, there will be pigs on the streets. That is really in bad taste and reflects major immaturity and ignorance of the Quran.

I may say that if PAS wins we will have confusion on what Islam is and we will have typical dictatorial behavior of the type that theological political leaders are usually inclined to. The case in point being the beer issue in Selangor and the saying that those who support UMNO will not go to heaven. Hmm..how about those that support PKR,MIC, MCA, etc? I do not like nor trust politicians who behave like gods on earth. Sooner or later, they will say that all except those that are sanctioned by them will go to heaven.

Anyway, who am I but an ordinary citizen of this country who is subjected to the rule of law and the usual challenges of life? I may very well be in trouble with the law for what I write.

But politicians? They can get away with anything they say, do or write. They rule the law!

Imagine if I say: ban pork eating! I may be arrested for sedition.

Imagine if I say that those Muslims who do not agree with my views are kafirs? I will be hauled up for deviant teachings.

But of course, I will not say any of the two above because I am a Muslim and I am not insane.

Also, I am not a politician who has to make a mark by uttering lies, insensitive and imbecilic statements.



jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

Baru kita perasan ! Bila kita cakap, racist la, racial la, menghina la, sedition la ! Kalau pasal agama, kafir la, murtad la, tak masuk syurga la and all the la la lah !

Brader, tak kan dia orang cakap bolih lepas aje. Mesti ada undang2 yang bolih pakai ! Tolong selidik sket la untuk kita semua ! Hak macam Brader cerita pasal nuisance tu.

Tak kan dia orang aje leh saman orang lain million2 ! Mesti dia orang pun leh di saman million2 gak ! THE LAW DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE KAN..KAN..KAN....!

niasara said...

You ni Jon,always with ur 'kan...kan...kan!" :D

Btw Jahamy,I found this posting and your stand on 'casual support' indeed... incompatible.

You're not practicing favoritism nor biassed right?

look forward to read your comment in mmail.

Dr said...

The things which some Pas leaders say terrify me, the things which some UMNO leaders do terrify me, and the tantrums of some DAP leaders terrify me. These are terrifying times indeed. Political parties in this country turn me off.