Thursday, February 26, 2009


The true test of citizenship is when the country is facing a crisis. I believe that the country is now facing an economic crisis.

At this time of crisis, national interest takes precedence over selfish interests. Hence this is the time to be Raperas and this is the time to “pay back to the country” for all the good times we have enjoyed.

AT time of crisis, there are only two groups – those who worsen it OR those who make it easier to recover. This is the time that leadership that entrusted to safeguard the nation must take RADICAL measures, not the worn out solutions given by the failed Oxbridge and Harvard graduates (who do you think got us in this mess in the first place?).

We have to customize our economic defence and our economic strategies.

In this regard, I submit that the following are anti-national interests:-

1) Banks and financial institutions who refuse to “restructure” debts during these times- by restructure I do not mean another “financial trap” to enslave the borrower.
2) Credit card companies who would rather bankrupt the credit card user instead of giving him a chance to pay according to his means.
3) Civil servants who make it difficult for small and medium industries to earn a living.
4) Civil servants who do not carry out economic recovery plans diligently;
5) Companies that make profits and yet retrench worker without exhausting other methods of cost reduction, including renegotiating pay with the workers;
6) Workers who cause economic disruption by picketing in the face of fair and benevolent temporary pay cuts;
7) Politicians who insist on using these difficult times against each other;
8) Any group who maliciously distract economic recovery efforts by the Government and the people;
9) Any person or persons who diverts economic recovery funds for corrupt purposes;

If you have any more, please add on to the list. The point is – we NEED RADICAL action. It can be done, if there is a WILL.


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