Friday, February 27, 2009


Of course there must have been many times in most of our lives where we may have felt like clobbering the daylights out of someone whom we feel has visited upon us injustice. However, Malaysians have mostly exercised restraint in responding violently. We allow sense to prevail and let the law takes it course or we just exercise patience and pray for divine justice.

We have not yet become a cowboy nation where we take the law into our own hands. Gangsterism has largely been confined to crooks, criminals, and schoolboys.

Malaysians still believe that the laws we have can still mete out justice.

But what happens when we allow numbers to come to Parliament house to intimidate another MP? What happens if there is gangsterism in and around Parliament? Is this the kind of culture we want to develop in our Nation? Have we ever thought that once it starts as a 'normal' thing, it can never be stopped.

In India, it is common. If a politician is really corrupt, his life is on the line. If a judge metes out injustice, his legs or hands may be the price and so on. Such gangsterism is common in India because people have lost faith in the law and the system. There are other countries too where people are prepared to be violent to achieve an end. When people become completely helpless, they are prepared to give up their lives. Ultimately, in this game everyone ends up being blind.

So let's NOT start this game, especially if we are believers in God.



Mac said...

Uncle Jay,
Very well said ! Keep violence out of the parliament. It is not easy to stop once this becomes a norm. Its a shame to see politicians behaving in such a degrading samseng manner.


Jahamy said...


Hopefully, this an evolutionary process and not the norm.