Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As March draws close, many are looking towards the new Prime Minister to be - Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak for effective,and firm leadership. The country has clearly undergone an unprecedented five years of total uncertainty and completely new political experiences. Since March 8, 2008, it is as if the country is going through an eternal General elections. Even now, the Rakyat is perceiving that politicians are focusing more on the next General elections rather than the well being of the Rakyat.

The Rakyat has grown very weary. The economy is slowing down and is expected to become worse.

The Rakyat needs HOPE. They need LEADERSHIP to steer them through the economic storm that lurks ahead. They want an end to mindless politicking and desire real economic and social reforms that will truly benefit the Nation.

The messages are clear. The Rakyat wants CHANGE for the BETTER. They do not want any more recycled leaders who have lost their positive creativity. They are tired of rhetoric, puerile advice, dramatic speeches and political drama.

They are tired of cosmetic reforms and the rhetorical call for reforms. They want less talk and more effective action.

This is Najib's challenge - to provide leadership, to present to the People a working, transparent and effective cabinet, at least a cabinet of HOPE. To provide the Nation with a NATIONAL DIRECTION that can capture the imagination and commitment of the Rakyat.

For this to be done, you need a firm hand so that actual work of REBUILDING THE NATION can take place. Enough of theatrics.

We really have to move along.



yusuf ali said...

Amid growing calls for him to stay until his reforms are better implemented, outgoing Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has admitted that he had wanted to complete his full two terms until 2013, but even so, he has at least managed to bring to life two key commissions - warts and all.

“It was what was promised but a bit late. It may not be the best but it is a beginning – a good beginning. In the coming years, there will be amendments made,” said Pak Lah, referring to the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission and the Judiciary Appointments Commission.

His words offered a glimmer of hope to many quarters, including PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, who has urged Pak Lah to continue leading the federal government until the huge teething problems related to reforming the judiciary, police and corruption have been better addressed.

Civil society groups and business analyst too have called on Abdullah to stay and keep an eye on the country’s coffers as his deputy Najib Abdul Razak and his advisers - former premier Mahathir Mohamad and ex-finance minister Daim Zainuddin - prepare to spend unprecedented billions in a bit to pump-prime the economy.

However, they also warned that recent hints that the 68-year old Pak Lah might be offered a senior minister post was just an eye-wash offered by Najib’s camp.

“That is not a feasible or useful proposal. I doubt it will become a reality because Najib will block it and even if Pak Lah is appointed senior minister, he will just be a figurehead,” said Tian Chua, KeADILan information chief.

“Najib will still call the shots. And you can imagine then - how much or rather how little - that Pak Lah can do to improve on the police, the MACC and the JAC.”

Said Hadi: “Pak Lah should stay as PM and work to solve these problems and not give way to others who have their own agenda in the new administration.”

Ousted by his unpopular deputy

Abdullah, the country’s fifth prime minister, suffered a loss of popularity when he did push out reforms to weed out corruption as quickly as the people wanted. His procrastination led the Umno-Barisan Nasional to its worst performance in the March 2008 general election.

It also gave an opening for his deputy, Najib Abdul Razak and his camp, to engineer his early retirement next month-end.

But as the day nears for the power transition - agreed within the Umno party - nears, many Malaysians are having second thoughts about the unpopular Najib taking over.

Distrust and distaste for the 55-year scandal-plagued Najib has been growing especially since showing a ruthless and unprincipled hand during the controversial takeover of the Perak state government earlier this month.

His abuse of the federal machinery and institutions to bolster his hold on power in the run-up to Abdullah’s retirement has only served to remind the nation of the dark and ham-fisted rule of his mentor Mahathir Mohamad and former finance minister Daim Zainuddin.

Under Mahathir and Daim, there was a proliferation of mega-deals and privatisation policies that favoured corporate big-wigs at the expense of the man in the street, and there is fear the already scandal-plagued Najib will perpetuate this wheeling-and-dealing dubious legacy.

In fact, civil society groups have expressed alarm at the sharp deterioration in the Malaysian economy. They have urged Abdullah to keep an eye on the national coffers as the government prepares to spend unprecedented billions in a bid to stimulate the economy.

Said Ramon Navaratnam, chairman of the Centre for Public Policy Studies. “The government has to make details of the budget clear to the public and foreign investors, including its spending pattern and the project tendering system.”

Said Abdullah: “The package we introduce must be more . A RM7 billion package cannot take us above zero percent economic growth. To expect 0.7 or 1 percent GDP growth will require a little bit more than RM7 billion. To have more than that requires more money.”

Najib, who as Finance Minister introduced a RM7 billion economic stimulus package on Nov 4 last year, has announced plans to introduce a mini-budget on March 10, but has refused to divulge the size.

Speculation is rife the mini-budget due to be presented on March 9 may even touch RM30 billion.

yusuf ali said...

Ketuanan Raykat is important because you and I are not suckers and we are subjective personalities. We can read between the lines and know with our own exposure and experience the real state of the nation.

Just too much has been happening in favor of Ketuanan UMNO either in politic, economic or social front while the rakyat suffer unjust, unfair and abuse of law and its process for these morons that use money, greed, power and the media spinmasters as their tool to maintain their status quo.

Yes, we missed it on March 8, 2008 as the fence sitters gave the benefit of doubt to these morons to continue and make the change so that we could progress as Malaysians but it is obvious they don’t give a damn as they continue in their wayward ways of misleading and abusing the authority that we had given them.

We can only have the Ketuanan Rakyat if we are subjective for a collective purpose in our own conscience and views on the surrounding that happens irrespective of our race, religion, color or creed. Read your main media; if the truth cuts the position of the government, the government does not report it or it is played down. But when the false propaganda supports the government’s lies, it is all over the news.

Ketuanan Raykat is important because you and I are not suckers and we are subjective personalities. We can read between the lines and know with our own exposure and experience the real state of the nation and yet we continue to allow the Ketuanan UMNO and its little nincompoops to influence, brainwash and divert us for the good of the country.

Many instances had occurred in Malaysia where it threatens our way of life whereby the selected parties have pilfered our systems, destroyed the very foundation that we stand for through our own inaction and our inability to act together irrespective of race, religion, color and following to challenge and revolt for the foundation of our nation for the society that we live in.

We today should not have a basic irrational and amoral system that serves the selected few but it should serve the Rakyat. Ketuanan Rakyat is the morality and humanity that we have in each other.

We just need to stand united and act to challenge our own ways against these money, greed and power crazed morons for the betterment of our society who, I believe, truly cherish humanity in one another because we are well balanced Malaysians.

Your way of life today may not be threatened, but it will eventually catch up if we don’t assert our Ketuanan Rakyat over the Ketuanan UMNO and their cronies. Please support any cause that concerns the humanity and moral conscience that still lingers in us for each other for Ketuanan Rakyat to survive.

The truth is a powerful weapon and Ketuanan Rakyat can emerge if we recognize the truth for the humanity and conscience in each other and act accordingly in our own subjective ways to pursue a Ketuanan Rakyat agenda collectively.

Lastly, I would like to state that, Ketuanan UMNO can only exist if we, the Ketuanan Rakyat keep quiet and accept everything that is thrown our way and accept their modus operandi because it does not affect our bread and butter and we will forever sing the song of - What can I do? How am I effective? How am I affected? What can I alone do? How does it affect my surrounding? Trust yourself that there are many ways and methods; but only if you are able to stretch yourself the extra length and spend some time without jeopardizing all the above for the humanity and conscience to create the Ketuanan Rakyat. This is the game where you are the Master and epitome of the Ketuanan Rakyat for us.

yusuf ali said...

he utmost darkness and evil has blighted our land. There is no other way of saying this. Our ruling political parties who champion Ketuanan Melayu are using sexual entrapment, money politics, bribery, seduction, greed, invasion of privacy, racism, discrimination, false accusations, set-ups, betrayal, revenge, biased civil servants, unfair leading judges, police, anti-corruption, elections commission figures to wrap decency and morality in an impenetrable cloak of corruption and stinking decay.

They are champions of human weaknesses and failings. Every and any human weakness is pried into the open and rewarded with bribery if the victim acquiesces, blackmailed into submission if the victim resists and even further than that have their reputation destroyed if they resist both bribery and blackmail. This is already evil incarnate, but tragically this is not all. If the victim does not break and fights all attempts of using human weaknesses to corrupt and turn rotten, the law itself is used cynically and immorally to detain victims without trial under the ISA. There is even the dreadful suspicion among many people that those victims such as Altantunya or A Kugan who are considered unknown or considered less important than insects are being killed or murdered without due process of law, their anonymity being their own downfall.

Again, there is no other way of saying this. What is happening is the utmost evil, the utmost decay of morality and decency. It is as if the Devil himself, the greatest expert on human weakness is in power in our country and he is driving our culture, civilization, compassion, fairness and decency into a deep hole and burying them there.

Having done this, Evil Incarnate’s arrogance has reached unimaginable heights. It no longer cares about what people think. It has no more shame. It can come on national TV and spew forth obvious and nauseating lies after lies, false accusations after false accusations without feeling any sense of shame. Reason and logic is distorted as if morality and decency does not exist anymore, buried in a deep hole without any hope of seeing the light.

Evil Incarnate plays with our most treasured traditions and culture as if they are toys with which to confuse with manipulative and false reason and logic, using racism to defend a race, using bribery and blackmail to win over the people’s representatives in a democracy, using the police as hired thugs to enforce the law and ride roughshod over democratic traditions, using judges as puppets to decide on justice, using immorality and corruption to build our culture and civilization, using murder and violence to protect leaders who should be our role models, using the law against patriotic citizens who do nothing wrong except fight for justice and decency.

Woe! If we do not dig ourselves out of this deepest of holes, we will lose everything that is human about ourselves. We will become sub-humans to be bullied, abused, bribed and destroyed at will.