Friday, February 6, 2009

Nazrin: Courts not for political antics

The courts should not be used for political influence or perceived by the people as “a place for theatrical performance with pre-written scripts,” said Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah. You can read the full report in The Star

“Practice according to the highest code of ethics to strengthen the democratic system in line with check and balance mechanisms for the three pillars — the legislative, executive and judiciary,” he said.


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Anonymous said...


Whatever the Raja Muda said is acceptable by legal mind.However look at the current situation...
example the altantuya case, hows shocked with the latest sirul confession "kambing hitam" and the case of Ramlang (the witness i.e Imam of Saiful Bukhari case) also mentioned in his statement about "kambing hitam".

Who's using them Politician? Businessman? Mafia? Gangster?

I wish I could know siapakah Pengembala Kambing Hitam?

I hope that all our leaders may be guided by their God Teaching or at least try to learn good attitude of rapera!

Dont be Hypocrites and Fasiqun