Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Perak political drama is perplexing in many ways. It also gives rise to two issues- one moral and the other legal.

Legally, it involves constitutional issues and if not properly handled, it may give rise to a constitutional crisis in the State. It appears that PR and already seen the Sultan and BN will be doing soon. It will be the Sultan who will then decide whether to dissolve the Assembly or allow BN to form the government. Until such dissolution or forming of the new government by BN, the current PR government i still valid.

On the moral side, there is the issue of unprincipled politicians who go before the Rakyat on one party and then defect to another platform. It may be very possible that such leaders may be completely rejected by the Rakyat should they seek a re-election from the Rakyat. This has to be tested.

Shad Faruqi opines that “Party-hopping is a despicable activity no matter which party does it. Not only does it bring shame to the political process, it is also a bad way to form a government,” he added. You can read it here.

What are your views? Can a politician do whatever he wants once he is voted in by the Rakyat or is his mandate cancelled once he party hops without going back to the voters to get their views?

Peace !


And this is Tun Dr Mahathir's take on Perak:

"Apakah UMNO begitu terdesak sehingga tidak dapat tunggu keputusan mahkamah berkenaan tuduhan terhadap mereka sebelum menerima mereka? Jika diterima sekarang dan kemudian mereka didapati tidak bersalah maka Kerajaan pimpinan UMNO (lebih kurang) akan dituduh mempengaruhi mahkamah. Benar tidak benar bukan soalnya. Pada pandangan masyarakat tuduhan ini tetap akan dipercayai. Ia akan punyai kesan dalam PRU13".


rejal said...

Datuk Seri Anwar the Pakatan Rakyat leader started this whole 'lompat melompat' thing when he being so obsessed to becoming the country's PM boasted he would be able to get enough 'frogs' to form the PR government by Sept 16. Of course we all know how pathetic the claims were with him having to keep on postponing the date of the take over and which until now been only his unfulfilled claims.
Thus when the Bota chap jumped the BN ship PR gleefully accepted him unwittingly falling into the BN trap. So now PR can't accuse BN of being unethical for accepting the two Keadilan fellows and the Dap chap.
But as mentioned by Tun Dr Mahathir how can BN accept the two assemblymen still facing corruption charges for unsavoury behaviour.
But I support in politics anything goes. That is why politics is such a dirty word and people are getting sick of the whole charade by both BN and PR. Both are the same, dua kali lima.
And now word has it that the Perak MB is defying the Sultan's decision dismissing him and asking the BN to form the next government.
So the drama continues. It would be interesting to see the outcome.
Bro, What is the penalty for defying the Sultan?
Word has it also that Anwar is even now getting together a big rally rejecting the Sultan's decision.
What say you brother Jahabar.

yusuf ali said...

i cannot understanding why this politicians can be jumping from one party and then jumping again.

why they don half any ethical in them or maybe already using the money to be bought

Jahamy said...

Sdr Rejal,

This episode may lead to a constitutional controversy. Shad Faruqi is of the veiw as follows:

"Professor Faruqi said the ball was now in the Sultan’s court whether to allow the dissolution of the state assembly.

“The discretion is now with the Sultan to convince himself that whoever claims to have the majority actually has the support in the state assembly,” he added.


I have not looked into the Perak State Constitution myself and hence am not in a position to comment on this part of the matter.

Certainly, challenging the Sultan's decision other than by lawful means may amount to an offence and may even be construed as challenging the Royal Institution itself.

Frees 96 said...

Sdr Rejal,

Your idea and comment make me thought and concluded that what happened in Perak is the fight between evil vs evil.

So Sdr Rejal who can the people follow in Perak? Since you said dua kali lima (2x5)=10 and lima kali dua (5x2)= 10

I wish you might have some suggestion.

Anyway Sdr Rejal, this is what people say power struggle!!!

May we be in the right path!

Jin Pakai Tuncit said...

i think it's ok to hop, provided the "hopper" explains his/her decision clearly. it could be a valid disagreement with the party's policies, etc.

the way it happened in perak gives rise to the suspicion that principles were NOT the reason.

was there any reason given?