Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CRYSTALBALL: THE FAKE UNFAKED before the aisle of May

While he was standing on the shores of the sea with his back to the sea, he closed his eyes and tuned himself to nature. He heard sounds of or what he tought were the sounds of a bird, the waves and the wind. Holding on to his curiosity and to the interpretations of his mind for a few seconds, he then turned to confirm.

What he thought was the sound of bird was nothing more than a little boy exeprimenting with his voice in the sea.

What he thought was the sound of the wind was nothing more than his breathing.

What he thought was the sound of wave was just a boat that passed by.

The FAKE unfaked as it will be by the laws of nature.

Once the fake is unfaked, the predictable ensuing responses will be:
how could we have allowed ourselves to be fooled?
Where did we go wrong?
Why did we dispense with common sense?
Why did we just float with the crowd?


[NOTE:"aisle"is not spelt wrongly]

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