Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have been asked again and again to write something on the recent event in Elizabeth Wong's life - the intrusion into her private life.

This is how I see it:- The "Elizabeth event" is a test for those who know of it, read about it, hear about it and comment on it. It is a test for us. I do not see it as purely her problem, but like everything else it is a test to all those who come into proximity with the issue.

How do people respond to it? The loudest on the streets are of course the politicians. Those who are opposed to her immediately position this issue as a political capital to be exploited. I pray that the same event never occurs to their daughters, wives or mothers. It is comforting to note that there are politicians on the other side who have exhibited humane qualities in responding to Elizabeth's event.

The issue is not merely political. In fact, political is the least of it. It is more a test of our humanity.

I have never seen the photos but if it is true that they were taken while she was sleeping in the privacy of her home as alleged, then it is an evil invasion of her privacy. Do Malaysians want the victim whose modesty has been outraged to be further victimized? The culprit must be severely punished as a lesson to would be offenders.

Our moral ground is being tested. If Elizabeth re-contests in a by-electon and if her privacy has been violated without her knowledge as appears to be the case, then it would appear that the only way to protest against such an evil act is to revote her in. This is beyond party politics. THIS WILL BE A VINDICATION FOR ALL WOMEN WHOSE RIGHTS HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED FOR EONS.

I agree with lawyer Akbar Din that the best legal recourse for Elizabeth is the Penal Code, not the Syariah courts as the impossible issue of 4 witnesses will arise.

In the meantime, I can only share with Elizabeth that Allah has promised that he will not burden us with a burden greater than what we can bear.


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macik said...

politicians kill mongolians can get away with it, this woman got photo taken has to resign. what sort of justice system this country has, even the photo is a non issue. why should she resign, so what? big deal.

go punish the real criminals assholes!