Wednesday, March 4, 2009


These are interesting and educational times. The "Perak State Assembly" convened a meeting in a car park. Can this be done, putting aside the issue of whether the meeting can be convened without the Sultans' consent? I think the better view is that an Assembly need not take place in a particular building. It can take place anywhere. This must be so or otherwise it may be impossible to convene assembly sessions say, during war conditions where the designated State Assembly building may have been apprehended by the enemy. The "State Assembly" must refer to the proceedings duly convened rather than the physical place.

Likewise, a "court" is not a building either. I have been part of a "court" hearing on a hill where the "court" had to visit the locus in quo ie the place of crime. When evidence taking was going to take place, the judge simply declares that the "court is now in session".

Very interesting times.

Peace !

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