Thursday, March 12, 2009

CrsytalBall: PUSS IN BOOTS

In ding dong bell, the naughty kid who put pussy in the well is Johnny Flynn. We don't really know what happened to him thereafter but it was little Johnny Stout that saved pussy. WE, too, do not know what happened thereafter to him either. But for years one is sung as a hero and the other as a misled kid who could not recognize the contributions of pussy in catching all the mice. This part of the nursery rhyme history will just record the events.

Puss in boots as we know is a cat given to the youngest child of a miller. His other two brothers were given the mill and an ass, which appeared as better assets. BUT, puss in boots was no ordinary cat - it had a crafty mind, creative methods and very diligent in pursuing its objectives to serve its master.

As we know it, puss in boots understood the psychological and economic climate of its times. It was able to create an image for its master, who later came to be known as "Marquis of Carabas". Even the peasants were persuaded to tell the King that all the land belonged to the Marquis. The correct perceptions of power was created. The King was impressed with the Puss's master. But there was still one challenge - the Ogre and the castle.

Puss in boots, however also seem to understand the psychology of the wealthy and the powerful. Using this knowledge and pandering to the Ogre; ego, it managed to overcome the ogre, in fact eat it! Fairy tales are the realm of the impossible. Sound familiar?

And the Marquis of Carabas married the princess and ruled the land.



Stephen Doss said...

Sounds like happily ever after to me :)

Jahamy said...

that's right - relatively !