Thursday, March 19, 2009


I chanced to meet up with some of the candidates in the forthcoming UMNO General Assembly. I had to ask their views on the disciplinary committee's efforts. Some of them were happy with the committee's serious efforts in curbing money politics within the party. They hope that this will pave the way for "cleaner" leaders.

There were some who were concerned that it is also easy to setup a political opponent as being involved in money politics. All that is required is to create the evidence, whatever that means. Some of the members, however felt that the committee members are above board and they will be able to sieve through the evidence carefully.

One thing is for sure: I could feel that quite a number of the UMNO delegates that I met were really worried about the committee. This is because, even after the elections, the committee can still haul up the candidates who have won on money politics and if justified, punish them accordingly. Why worry if you are squeaky clean? The general feeling is that some of the money politics activity have gone "underground".


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