Monday, March 23, 2009


By large, even though the UMNO Assembly is yet to be convened and some quarters are even speculating what may happen at the Assembly or prior to it, the results of the Assembly can to a certain extent to be predicted. Whatever the results of the election may be, a few things are patently clear:

1) Come 3rd Of April, Najib will be the new Prime Minister, God willing.

2) He will have to reshuffle the cabinet and possibly even reshuffle various other "segments of the Government".

3)He is not necessarily bound to appoint the victors of the UMNO assembly to the cabinet if they are not up to mark for national service.

4) He may very well appoint several "new and fresh" faces to the cabinet by appointing them as senators - for this he needs courage and tact.

5)He will have to get BN ready for the next general elections.

6)He needs to totally reform the working culture of the civil service by removing dead wood from the top down.

7) He must ensure that the BN MPs are more accessible to the Rakyat and stop behaving like feudal lords.

8) Return the mainstream media to its original function of dissemination of true information and not pathetic spin doctoring - appoint the right chiefs of media.

9)For heaven's sake, get good economic advisers.


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