Tuesday, March 17, 2009

John Edgar Hoover, FBI

Thanks to The Cutting Edge for this photo.

I have been talking about John Edgar Hoover to some of my friends since last September. He is an interesting character in American political and forensic history. History must be read and learned from or we will be condemned to repeat it, so said my secondary school teacher. I remembered that in my mind.

Who is this personality?

On May 10, 1924, Hoover was selected to head the Bureau of Investigation. He was singularly responsible for professionalizing the FBI and turning it into an efficient crime-busting unit, including rooting out corrupt politicians. However, in the long run, it also made FBI and him particularly into a very powerful unit that can influence and shape those in the corridors of power.

The FBI under Hoover collected information on all America's leading politicians. Known as Hoover's secret files, this material was used to influence their actions. It was later claimed that Hoover used this incriminating material to make sure that the eight presidents that he served under, would be too frightened to sack him as director of the FBI. This strategy worked and Hoover was still in office when he died, aged seventy-seven, on 2nd May, 1972.

J. Edgar Hoover became and, for the greater part of his tenure, remained the most powerful man in Washington.

His biography and what can be learned from it is interesting reading.

Read it and you will understand, that is if you want to understand.


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caleb said...


Better to be aware now before it is too late. But do you think people understand by the way you write?

Cant you be more explicit? Just wondering..:)