Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Quite a few have been shocked and many more surprised at the unprecedented developments in the run-up to the UMNO General Assembly where many UMNO members have been hauled up before the UMNO disciplinary committee for various breaches of party ethics.

There has been much talk of weeding out money politics in UMNO and recent events seemed to suggest that UMNO may be walking the talk. A "Big fish" like Datuk Seri Ali Rustam has been banned from contesting in the UMNO polls while many other were suspended.

On the youth front, Khir Toyo has been found not guilty, while Khairy Jamaludin was found guilty and given a warning. Khairy, however maintains his innocence while Khir Toyo claims that the allegations were fabricated by others.

These allegations of fabrication are equally worrisome as one cannot discount the real possibility of being "set-up" by political opponents. This is an important aspect that the UMNO disciplinary committee must address. It is useless that a mechanism that is intended to weed out money politics mutates into a sophisticated mechanism to kill off opponents.

THe DPM Datuk Seri Najib who is slated to take over as President of UMNO come April has promised to further reform UMNO once he is in charge. "If we don't change, we will be changed. It is no secret we have to change". he said. You can read it here.



camila said...

for a learned guy, you do not possess the ability to grasp that nothing has changed, hoping that things change is not good enough, nor denial to the fact that corruption has not gone down but has mutated to a much worse level. and your najib is not the solution, never was and never will

jon pour do care said...

My Dear Learned Guy,

It appears that someone has a crystal ball that can tell the future !

Jahamy said...


Corrections first. One, I am not a learned guy - I am learning probably. Two, He is not MY Najib since he is neither my son or my father.

Possibly you are correct, I may not have the ability to grasp that nothing has changed nor any ability at all. But I cannot see your point to the article...then again maybe my grey matter is just too slow to comprehend your complex analysis..:)

I agree with you that hope alone without any followup action is futile.

As to whether Najib is the solution to reforms in UMNO, theoretically, only time can tell.

Peace and thanks for dropping by.

GOd bless.